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Why Prep?

Fantastic Beasts of the Bible
and where to find them...
(Demons, Monsters, Witches, Wizards, and more... of the Bible)

by Leon of Leon's Planet ©2021 to present


Very few of the following beasts are real.  They are mostly symbolic.  I do believe that devils/demons are very real.  If you are being bothered by devils/evil spirits, please see my exorcism page.

* in alphabetical order *

& Pic
of the beast(s)
of the beast(s)
The 4 Beasts of Daniel's Vision

(also discussed individually below in alphabetical order)

It was a vision that showed Daniel the 4 empires that would come prior to the End of the Age, (i.e., the Age of Aries).

(Jesus came at a beginning of the Age of Pisces).

In Order:
(1)  Sphinx
(2)  Bear
(3)  Leopard
(4)  10-horned Monster

(They are dealt with individually below.)

In Order:
(1) Median Empire
(2) Persian Empire
(3) Macedonian Empire
(4) Roman Empire

(They are dealt with individually below.)

The Angel explained some of the vision.
I figured out the rest from my own research.


4-headed Leopard


- N/A A leopard w/4 heads The leopard was the symbol of the Macedonians.  The 4-headed leopard symbolized Alexander the Great and the Macedonian Empire.

Why four heads?
Head symbolizes "head of state".  There were four Alexanders of the Dynasty.  By the birth of the fourth Alexander, the empire was already in civil war.  And upon the death of the fourth Alexander, the Dynasty ended.

This is one of the four beasts of Daniel

(See Daniel 7)


10-horned Monster


- N/A Teeth of iron.

Nails of brass.

No other description other than it had 10 horns.


The 10-horned monster Symbolized the Roman Empire.

TEETH (of iron);
symbolized the iron weaponry.
NAILS (of brass);
symbolized the ornaments of their uniforms.
Why 10 horns?

It is not yet known to me exactly why the ten horns, but my gut-instinct tells me that it is similar to the 10 horns of the beast in the Book of Revelation.

See The Beast1 (below).  It also has 10 horns.

This is also one of the four beasts of Daniel.

(See Daniel 7)


Chaldean numerology

Chaldean numerology

Chaldean numerology




= Apollyon

Apollyon is the diminutive of Apollo.


Apollo = The Sun
Apollyon = The Little Sun
The Little Sun =
 (The Red Sun)

- The king of the locusts of the bottomless pit (the endless darkness of space)

- The Angel of the bottomless pit.

- For description of the locusts, see locusts below.

The locusts represent space debris that accompanies the red sun; They turn into meteors, and they will rain upon the Earth.

Abaddon  (Apollyon) represents the red sun.

The bottomless pit is the emptiness of space.


Abaddon is mentioned only once in the Bible (See Revelation 9)

The bottomless pit


Happening Now!

The Bear


- N/A A ferocious bear with 3 ribs in its mouth. The bear represented the Persian Empire, and more specifically Cyrus the Great.

Why 3 ribs?
I believe because Cyrus the Great had to conquer...
- The Median Empire (1st rib);
- The Lydian Empire (2nd rib);  and,
- The Babylonian Empire (3rd rib).

This is one of the four beasts of Daniel

(See Daniel 7)

Empires of History


& Pic
of the beast
of the beast
The Beast1 
Black Panther
(Black Leopard)
Black leopard
w/ feet of bear
w/ mouth of lion
7 heads
10 horns
Symbolizes chaos, storms, and war.
The 7 heads represent seven main types of chaos, and the 10 horns represent 10 specific types of chaos, storms, and war.
Learn more here.
Revelation 13
Leopard Symbolism
The Beast2 
Lamb-like Dragon
Dragon-like Lamb
A dragon with horns of a lamb This beast symbolizes the economy, and the two horns represent buying and selling. Revelation 13
Beel-zebub Lord of the House No description given. House = the corporeal housing of our spirits.

'Lord of the house' means a malevolent spirit that inhabits a body that it doesn't belong to.

Matt. 10:25
Matt. 12:24-27
Mark 3:22
Luke 11:15-19
& Pic
of the beast
of the beast

Artist's Depiction
Top:  Behemoth
Bottom:  Leviathan


This is what Behemoth actually looked like to the ancients

Bel Haddad = Lord of Weather

Lord of Storms

Other names:

Bel Hemmon
Bel Haddad
Bel Addad
Bel or Baal



Bible: (Job 40)
(1) Eats grass - (metaphorically).  [Means: the sun can scorch the grass.]
(2) Force in the navel.  [The sun's power comes from within.]
(3) Chief in the ways of God.  [The sun is the "chief" of God, because God is Light.]
(4) Bones are strong, like brass. [Color of sun is like brass.]
(5) Trees cover him with their shadow.  [Trees block the sunlight.]
(6) Drinketh up a river.  [The "drinks" up rivers(via evaporation.]

Other Cultures in the Middle East depict Behemoth thusly:

Man with some kind of royal head gear which appears to be in the shape of the sun at the top and rays from the sun coming down hitting the waters, which appear to be evaporating.

There are pictures of snowflakes on his shirt.

Depictions of clouds precipitating are in the background.

Personification of the Sun - The powerhouse of the water cycle.

NOTE:  I am fully aware that most scholars equate the behemoth with a hippo, but those scholars clearly have not done their research.  For instance, the Wikipedia article on Behemoth is full of falsehoods that are being disseminated by ignorant individuals.  If one looks at the cognates in the languages and cultures around the Middle East, one can see that clearly is the sun--the lord of all storms.

The counterpart of Behemoth was Leviathan.

See Leviathan below.

Mentioned only once in the Bible in:

     Job 40:15

Described in detail in the Book of Noah


Always happening.

Behemoth and Leviathan are engaged in a constant war over the Earth, where one wins a battle, then the other wins a battle; and, back and forth, forever.  Today, we call it "The Water Cycle."

Cherub (sngl).
Cherubim (pl).

Cherub means: Hybrid Has four wings.
Has four faces:
- ox
- man
- lion
- eagle

See also Mazzaroth below.  I believe that there is a connection.

The Hebrew Cherubim could be the equivalent of the ancient Phoenician sphinx, which was used by the Medes and Assyrians.  The function was that of guardians.
In the Bible they guarded the Garden of Eden.

The Phoenician sphinx is a hybrid of the same animals:  legs of an ox, body of a lion, wings of an eagle, and face of a man.

In the Apocrypha, the Cherubim are referred to as the chariot of God.



Always happening.

Cherubim are in the Mazzaroth, which is the celestial wheel, through which the King (Sun) travels through a 24,000-year cycle, which was called the "Great Year" by the ancients, and today is called "The Precession of the Equinoxes."

See Also:  Mazzaroth



- Adder No description given. A cockatrice is a dragon with the upper body of a rooster.  However, it would seem that the Bible was mistranslated.  It should be translated as adder. Strong's


and devils
- N/A No description given. I call these "demons".  They are evil spirits.
Their interaction with humans is only for nefarious purposes.
Mentioned 122 times in the Bible and apocrypha
& Pic
of the beast
of the beast
Four Horsemen. - N/A Description

(1)  White horse; rider had a bow.
(2)  Red horse; rider had a sword.

(3)  Black horse; rider had a pair of balances.
(4)  Pale horse; rider's name was Death.

Metaphor for...

(1)  War;
& Conquering

(2)  Bloodshed by human & natural disasters.
(3)  Famine and economic demise.
(4)  DEATH
- by pestilence,
- by disease,
- and by beasts.
Revelation 6

Happening Now!

- N/A There were different races of giants.
Goliath was 4 cubits and a span in height.  That's about 7 feet tall.

Others were much taller.  They had six fingers on each hand.

See also Nephilim.

Goliath was probably a human-giant hybrid, because he was smaller than the original giants.

There is no symbolism.  There really were giants on this planet.

Many cultures attest to this fact, including the Native Americans.

Genesis 6

Book of Enoch


Giants really existed.
Some say they still exist.

The Lamb of God
- N/A No description given. The Lamb is a Metaphor for Jesus, who will come back at the end of days for his "bride".

Bride = personification of his people.
Revelation 19


Legion Approx. 5,000

(A legion of Roman soldiers was between 4 thousand and 6 thousand.)

A group of devils that had possessed a young man. I don't know how you could fit 5,000 demons in one human body, but how many angels can dance on the head of a needle? Mark 5:9
& Pic
of the beast
of the beast

Picture is in the public domain.
Top:  Behemoth
Bottom:  Leviathan



Other names:

A huge, twisted, twined, coiled sea serpent.

This is apropos, because water vapor, especially in the form of steam can be seen in twisted form.


Leviathan represented water and the water cycle.  Leviathan's counterpart was Behemoth (the sun), which was/is the powerhouse of the water cycle.  The two beasts are described as being enemies, because sun evaporates water; and water in the clouds block out the sun. Job 41:1
Pss. 74:14
Pss. 104:26
Isa. 27:1
4Ezra 6:49-52

Book of Noah

Always happening.

 (from the bottomless pit; which is the endless darkness of space)

- N/A The locusts are described as hideous beasts, thusly:

(1) Looked like horses
(2) Had crowns of gold
(3) Had faces of men
(4) Had hair of women
(5) Had teeth of lions
(6) Had breastplates
(7) Had wings
(8) Had tails like scorpions' tails
(9) Had power to hurt people 5 months

The bottomless pit is the vast emptiness of space.

The locusts are most likely symbolic of asteroids.
(Parenthetically, I saw these "creatures" in uninvited vision).  They actually look like horses made out of green plasma.  Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of them.)

Revelation 9



But, coming soon.

Learn more about end-times prophecy.



I have no idea why people think that Lucifer and Satan are the same.  Actually, Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil are three different entities.

"Son of the Morning"

(AKA: a morning star)

Lucifer = King of Babylon

"Son of the Morning" is interpreted to mean that He was a very bright star (metaphorically speaking).  All people were thought (by the ancient ones) to have a star in heaven.  This star was referring to the King of Babylon. Lucifer is mentioned only once in the Bible:

Isaiah 14:12


Mazzaroth Beasts

For bigger image,
click here.

Mazzaroth means: Garland.

See the circle within a circle?  Those two circles look like garlands.

(1) The Throne:
Someone sitting on the throne in the center.
(2) The 4 Beasts:
Lion, Calf, Man, Eagle.
(3) 24 Stars = the 24 Elders
(4) 144 thousand is the number of the visible stars in the heavens to the naked eye.  There are 12,000 in each of the 12 sections of the night sky.

Mazzaroth is a Zodiac Chart...in order of the precession of the equinoxes, ...i.e., in order of the ages.

Note:  the chart does not go in order of the month signs.  It goes in order of the Ages.

The so-called "Great Year" (known by many ancient ones) was 24,000 years long (represented by the 24 Elders).

Mentioned one time in the Bible...

@ Job 38:32


Also described in Revelation 4-5

& Pic
of the beast
of the beast
Nephilim (Giants)

"Fallen Ones" Giants;
Offspring of the 'watchers' (See Book of Enoch); AKA offspring of 'the sons of God' (See Genesis).
There is no symbolism.  There really were giants on this planet.

Some say that they're still here.




Genesis 6

Book of Enoch Ch.6

Book of Enoch Ch.7

No Name

- N/A

It has a name, but no man knows it.  It has many epithets:

Faithful and True
The Word of God
King of Kings
Lord of Lords

(...because he is envious of the Sun, and wants to rule the solar system)

*His vesture is dipped in blood (meaning that the beast is red).
*He rides a white horse (signifying perceived nobility).
*Out of his eyes comes fire (meaning it will get really, really hot; there will be solar flares and coronal mass ejections).
*A sword comes out of his mouth (meaning many will perish, including the beast and the false prophet).
He who has no name is symbolic of the red sun, a binary star in our solar system, which causes destruction on Earth each time it reaches perihelion.

Actual photo taken by me, Leon.

Revelation 19

Learn more about he who has no name.




The Ophanim

The wheels are described as a "wheel" or "whirlwind" with a living being inside each wheel I believe what Ezekiel saw was the Mazzaroth, which looks like a wheel within a wheel and living creatures inside the wheel.

See Mazzaroth.

Ezekiel 1,3,10




Rahab "Storming" Rahab is just another word for Leviathan.

See Leviathan.

Rahab is a dragon, which symbolizes water and the water cycle. Mentioned 10 times in the Bible.


& Pic
of the beast
of the beast
The Reaper
- N/A The Bible doesn't actually call this individual the reaper.  But, he did have a sickle, and he was told to reap.

And, it appears that the whole earth was reaped....   twice!

Then the grapes of the vine were cast into the winepress, and blood came out.

The reaping (harvesting) of the earth signifies the collecting of the souls of those who die.

Actually, there will be 2 harvests implying that there will be 2 huge events that will cause mass death.

The winepress is a metaphor for bloodshed.  Thousands, perhaps Millions will die.

Revelation 14


BUT, I fear the first one of the two harvest will come in 2024-2025.



- N/A ...described as a red dragon with 7 heads, 10 horns and 7 crowns.

(My picture is not exactly accurate).

The red dragon represents the red sun, a second sun in our binary solar system.

The 7 heads and 10 horns represent the 10 plagues that the dragon will cause on the woman (which is mother Earth).

The red dragon's enemy is Michael (which is the personification of the sun).

Revelation 12 
...refers to the first time that the red dragon (AKA red sun) fought with Michael (yellow sun).

Revelation 19 
...refers to the next time that the red dragon (who has no name and comes riding a white horse) and  tries to destroy Michael (the yellow sun).


End of the World Prophecies


Red Sun Prophecies.





Cognate of the Arabic word: shaitan.

Also said to denote remoteness from God.

(See Strong's)

None given in the Bible, except to say that he was an angel, but...

Professional Remote Viewer Major Ed Dames says that he remote viewed Satan and Satan looked like a crystalline entity.

And, interestingly, has the same function as the crystalline entity of Star Trek.

Satan is either a real entity, or he is figurative.

There are cases that can be made for both.  I say that both are correct.  Satan is a real entity, AND the word "Satan" is used figuratively in the Bible, especially when Jesus said to Peter, "Get thee behind me Satan."  Obviously, that was figurative, because Peter was a flesh-and-blood human being, while Satan is not.

Satan is mentioned 57 times in the Bible.

See Strong's.

We are introduced to Satan in the book of Job (which is recognized as an allegory).  In the book of Job, Satan is portrayed as kind of like an accuser against humanity.

In Matthew 4, Satan is describe as "the tempter".


Compare:  Baphomet
Drawing by:  Levi Del
(altered a bit by me).

(1) From the Hebrew word: se'irim, meaning...

He-goats (male goats)


(2) ...the name of a desert monster or demon of Hebrew folklore.

In Leviticus 17:7, the word se'irim is translated as "devil".

None given. According to Strong's Concordance of the Bible, in Hebrew the word is literally he-goats.  However, according to Online Etymology Dictionary, it is a folklorish hairy monster said to inhabit deserts.

Both are true.

So, no, satyrs don't really exist. The satyrs in the Bible symbolize demons that look like goats.

Satyr is mentioned twice in the Bible:

Isaiah 13:21

Isaiah 34:14


Online Etymology


See also
 Leviticus 17:7


& Pic
of the beast
of the beast


Fiery Ones Angels with six wings, which are very bright, as if they are on fire. The six wings means that they are a higher rank than the Cherubim.

The fact that they are fiery means that they are filled with light, might even be made out of light; (light beings), might even represent some of the brighter stars in the night sky.

They are the closest angels to God.

Seraphim are mentioned twice in Isaiah.

Isaiah 6:2,6 



Learn more about Angels here.

The Serpent
- N/A A serpent that can talk. There are different schools of thought.

Some say it represents Satan.

Some say it represents the Reptilians.

Some say it represents the Watchers.

Genesis 3

Book of Enoch 6-7

The Sphinx
-N/A Body of a lion,
Wings of an eagle.


Also had head of a man and legs of an ox.

Symbol of the Medes, and more specifically of Darius the Great.

I believe it also symbolized the four corners of the Mazzaroth (or the universe).

Daniel 7


Unicorns ?

- wild ox None given.



If you read the context, you can tell that it is referring to a real animal.  At first, I thought that unicorn meant the single-horned rhinoceros. But, now, I'm not sure.  It appears to be a mistranslation of the Bible, and is actually a wild ox.

Unicorns are mentioned 9 times in the Bible.



Online Etymology


& Pic
of the beast
of the beast
Vampires ?

Clipart from Clipart Library
Wish I could give credit to the artist, but none was given.

- N/A None given  NOT SYMBOLIC!

If you define a vampire as a person who eats blood, then yes, the Bible talks about vampires (as in people who eat blood); but they are not called vampires.

The Bible condemns the eating of blood at least 30 times.  It wouldn't have condemned it if it didn't happen.

"Giant with two humans"

From an Akkadian Cylinder Seal.  Picture is in the public domain.

- Sons of the elohim (gods)

- Meaning that they came from "heaven", which means from space.

- There is a correlation with the Akkadian cylinder seal depictions of giants, called "Anunnaki" (those from heaven to Earth came).

No one knows what they looked like.  No description was ever given in the Bible, probably because of the of the second commandment which states that there shall be no images made of the Hebrew gods.

The ancient Mesopotamian depictions of the Anunnaki (those from heaven to Earth came) show beings twice the size of humans.

Their offspring became the giants of many cultures' folklore.

The word "elohim" (gods) is the plural of the word "eloah" (god).  It is interesting to note that the same Hebrew word used for their God(s) also applies to the pagan gods.  The gods of the pagans were originally personification of natural phenomena, like Bel (Behemoth).  I do not doubt that those personifications became very literal to the people over time.

However, the Hebrew gods were corporeal beings, with whom the Hebrews interacted.  The watchers were the sons of gods that physically mated with human beings in Genesis 6, creating giant offspring.

Genesis 6

Enoch 6-7




Werewolves ?

N/A This myth allegedly comes from the Book of Daniel and refers to the King of Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar, who was cursed by God to become a beast.  Here is the description:

"...and he was driven from men, and did eat grass as oxen, and his body was wet with the dew of heaven, till his hairs were grown like eagles' feathers, and his nails like birds' claws."

That's hardly the description of a werewolf.

This really happened, and it is true that his appearance changed and that he lived like a beast, but werewolves do not eat grass, so I'm going to say...


we could be dealing with the very first werebird... or is he mothman???

Book of Daniel

Explanation of the Myth

Witches &

The Witch of Endor
(See I Samuel 28)


N/A The Witch of Endor was described as a woman with a familiar spirit in 1 Samuel.

These days, generally channelers and mediums will align themselves with a particular spirit in order to perform their work.

Some magicians do likewise.  Just type "demon magic" on YouTube and you'll see tons of videos of magicians doing magic that is not a trick.  It defies the laws of physics.

It would appear that working with "familiar spirits" is a very old profession.


The Bible is replete with witches, sorcerers, magicians, astrologers, Chaldeans, and soothsayers; those that communicate with familiar spirits, and wizards.

The Bible speaks ill of such, saying that such things are of the devil (or devils). There was a time when I disagreed, but now, I agree.  It is done by the power of the devils.

If you feel that you are being bothered by a devil or a demon, please see my exorcism page.

Word Times of
astrologer 9
magician 16
possessed with devils 15
soothsayer 7
sorcerer 8
sorcery 1
witch 2
witchcraft 8
wizard 11

Note:  Astrology is not necessarily bad.  It is a tool, and in the wrong hands, can be bad.
The 3 magi used astrology to know that Jesus was born.

Jesus said that there will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars.  (Luke 21:25)

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years.  (Genesis 1:14)

The problem comes with the interpreter and the interpretation of those signs.

Use your own spiritual discernment when interpreting such things.
These three guys obviously interpreted the sign correctly.

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NOTE:  That is not something kids would like.

HOWEVER, I do have a Christmas Page for Kids...







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