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Why Prep?


With Photos!

This page now includes actual photographs of alleged angels, and it includes their back-stories.  Just scroll down.  And, please participate in my polls (and see the results of the polls while doing so.  (It'll show you the results once you submit your vote).


Foreword:  'Angels' is a complicated subject, going back thousands of years.  To put it simply, there are many kinds of angels.  Origin of the word is as follows:  It comes from Hebrew and it reportedly means "messenger".  Personally, I think that "messenger" is an inadequate translation given the various uses of the word in the Bible.  I think that "courier" would be a much better translation.  You shall see why, if you keep reading.

Table of Contents

Biblical Angels Angels
in Other Religions
Stories of
Guardian Angels
Click here

or just scroll down

See the Biblical
See them &
Entertaining Angels Unawares
How to
interpret them






of Angels

#1 is Chelsea's Angel

Chelsea Banton was 14 years old and she was admitted to the hospital with a critical case of pneumonia. Doctor's didn't know if she was going to make it. Mom prayed for her daughter, and CCTV captured this still of an entity leaving Chelsea's hospital room. (I think it is a real angel).  By the way, Chelsea did recover from her pneumonia; but she did pass away within a few years thereafter.  Chelsea's mother believes that angels came in answer to her prayers to help Chelsea.

#2 is The Indonesian Angel

The still (to the left)  is from a video that can be found in various places on the internet. Allegedly, the video was captured by a CCTV at a mall in Indonesia in the middle of the night.  The video shows the "angel" land, crouch, and then take off again. I personally believe in angels, but this seems more like an alien that has angelic qualities about it.  Furthermore, I do believe that certain higher-dimensional beings can act in angelic ways toward we Earthlings; and I do consider them a "type" of angel.  But, its not the kind that comes from the spirit world.  I've watched the video over and over I do not think that it is cgi.  For one thing, there were witnesses, who after seeing the "angel" came running over to see the place where the "angel" had landed and taken off.  Secondly, I highly doubt that cgi is that good.  Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.  Even if the quality of the video is lacking, there is a very "organic" movement to the "angel" that makes me believe that whatever it is, it is real.


Photo by Brian Roth
#3 is The Luader Angel

The story is that this "angel" appeared in a photo taken at a football game by Brian Roth.

A year earlier, Coach Luader's 20-year-old son was killed in a car crash on his way to that same ball field .  Coach Luader believes that the angel in the photograph is his son Kyle.  What do you think?

Learn more here.


#4 is the Thorman Angel

The story is that Glen Thorman of East Jordan, Michigan caught this photo on his motion-activated camera on his front porch. Skeptics say that it is a moth. (Skeptics always crack me up; That is not a moth!). But, what is it? Is it a cherub with his flaming sword (as the ones who guard the tree of life)? OR, is it a disembodied spirit riding a disembodied bear?

Learn more here.


#5 is AAsher's Angel

AAsher Lisles was 7 yrs old when he took this photo from the window of a plane. His mom believes that it is Aashur's guardian angel. What do you think?

Learn more here.

#6 is the Mosque Angel

This photograph was taken at a Mosque in Azerbaijan.  Apparently, Muslims do not believe that ghosts can pray, so they believe it is an angel. I think it is some kind of a spirit (but definitely a good one; because why would a bad spirit be praying in a holy place?)  It certainly could be an angel. What do you think?  See entire video here.


#7 is  The Cloud-walking Angel

This is a still from the video. The personage in the cloud is actually seen walking in the cloud! And it does NOT look like cgi. (You will notice that I'm not posting all 10 of the alleged angels on the source video made by Top 5 Best. The reason is that some look like cgi or just plain are weird and unexplainable). This one looks legit. There ACTUALLY is someone walking in that cloud. My questions is: Alien or Angel?  See video here.


#8 is the Russian Angel

The story is that an angel came down into a house to collect the spirit of a deceased child.  Eventhough the quality of the video isn't great, you can clearly see one angel enter the building and come out carrying a second.  Then, later in the video you see two spirits in the sky.

See the video here.



#9 is the Mansfield Angel

Apparently this angel was caught flying on a door cam at the Mansfield house in Leicestershire, England in early 2023.

The video footage is quite impressive.  There's no mistaking this for a bug; it's just too big.  Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.  You can actually see the angel flying up the street.

Watch video here.

You can say there's no such thing as an angel, but as for me and my house, we believe!




Angels in the Bible

Now, we shall go through the uses of the word angel in the Bible.  ( not all of them, but certainly the major mentions).
(Note:  This by no means is an attempt to be comprehensive; to be comprehensive would fill encyclopedias of data).

The word "angel or "angels" appears 344 times in the Holy Bible (of the Judaeo-Christian faith).  I shall address many (but certainly not all) of those mentions.

This is my photo of my Bible.


Reference Paraphrased Verse Interpretation / Commentary
>>>  The Old Testament <<<
Gen. 16 An angel appeared unto Hagar, second wife of Abraham. Whether spiritual angel or physical angel, it is not clear, but it was in the form of a man and it spoke unto Hagar.
Gen. 18 Three men appeared at Abraham's door, and Abraham called one of them, "Lord."
The three men ate bread, butter, milk, and beef.
Definitely physical.  I verily want to know what they looked like.  How did Abraham recognize them as his gods?   The word elohim is plural in Hebrew.  Clearly, the early Hebrews believed in the plurality of gods.
Gen. 19 Two angels appear unto Lot. Definitely physical.  The people of Sodom wanted to have their way with the angels, but Lot offered his daughters instead, in order to protect the angels.  Definitely physical.  Makes one wonder.
Gen. 32 Jacob wrestled with an angel. Seems totally physical, as Jacob suffered an injury at this thigh.
I wrestled with an angel in my dream, but I did not suffer any physical repercussions.
Exo. 3 Moses sees an angel in a burning bush, which was not consumed by the flame. The angel claims to be the God of Moses' fathers; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
This is interesting, because the Bible calls the entity an angel.
Num. 22 Balaam and the angel. Balaam's ass saw the angel first, then Balaam's eyes were "opened" and he saw the angel.
This is what I want to know:  What stops us from seeing angels all about us.  How are our eyes "opened"?
Judges 13 Manoah and the angel. Manoah's wife was barren, and an angel said that she would bear a son.  That is, by God's power she would be made fertile; and she and her husband would beget a son.  Manoah's angel ascended in the cloud of smoke from an offering that Manoah made to God.
2Sam. 24 An angel killed 70,000 men. It was called a plague that killed the men, but a plague in the Bible could have meant anything.  Was it a weapon?
Wow!  Such vicious angels!
Isa. 37 An angel killed 185,000 Assyrians. Wow!  And in one night.
Where have these angels of such power gone?  Why don't we see them any more?  Who were they?
Psalms The psalms are poetry and songs, and whether they are about actual events are not, they explain the Hebrew beliefs about angels, as follows:

(1)  Man was made a little below the angels [pslm 8:5].

(2)  Introduction of guardian angels [pslm 91:11].

(3)  Angels are rays of light from the sun [pslm 104:4].


The psalms are poetry/songs, written by Solomon and David, or at least during their reigns.

(1)  I agree that angels have more power than mortal humans; However, the idea the spirits of humans is lower than the angels, is of course, is not true.  We are all the spirit children of God.  (Psalms 82:6, John 10:34-35); and thus we are all equal in the eyes of God.

The mortal human is definitely lower than the angel in some ways, but I've heard somewhere that the angels envy us our mortal experience.

(2)  I definitely believe in guardian angels (perhaps I will tell some stories on this page in the appendix; contact me if you will like to read about my stories with my guardian angels).

(3)  Psalms 104 is all about the sun.  The sun's messengers (or couriers) are rays of light and heat.

Dan. 3 An angel saves Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the fiery furnace. They were all in the furnace and were not consumed by the flames or the heat.  They were talking with the angel while in the furnace.

>>> Apocrypha <<<

4Ezra10 There is mention of an angel named Uriel. Uriel means light of God.
Tobit 5 There is mention of an angel named Raphael. Raphael means healing of God.
Tobit 6 An angel helps Tobias exorcize his wife-to-be on their wedding night.

For more about exorcism, please see my exorcism page.

A concoction of ashes from perfumed incense, mixed with the heart and liver of a fish, were burned together and the smell drove the devil away from the woman, and they got on their knees and thanked God.  Then, as they say, they lived happily ever after.

Clearly the powers-that-were took this out of the Bible, because they certainly didn't want common people to know that they can exorcise their own demons.  They wanted people to PAY for such services.

Tobit 12 An angel named Raphael, claimed to be one of 7 angels that take the prayers of the saints to God and reply with messages. The 7 Archangels:
Michael (who is like God)   [Sunday]
Gabriel (strength of God)   
Uriel (light of God)            
Raphael (healing of God)   
Selaphiel (prayer of God)   
Raguel (friend of God)       
Barachiel (blessed of God) 

Source:  Wikipedia

>>> The New Testament <<<

Matt. 1 An angel appeared unto Joseph in a dream telling him that he should go ahead and marry Mary, for the child that she was bearing was from the Lord. So, in the New Testament, angels stopped appearing in the flesh, and took to appearing in dreams.
(Not entirely, but mostly).
Luke 2 An angel appeared to shepherds in a field to announce the birth of Jesus. I wonder what this angel looked like.  I wish they had described the angel.
Matt. 2 An angel appeared unto Joseph in a dream telling him that he should take Mary and her son into Egypt for safety from Herod. I wonder what this angel looked like and how did Joseph recognize the being as an angel.
Matt. 4 Angels minister unto Jesus, after being tempted by the devil. Again, there are no descriptions of the angels.
Matt.  13 Angels are charged with the task of harvesting souls. Harvest means death of the physical body.  The good souls are filled with light and go to the Father, while the bad souls are cast into the fire (find out why Hell is hot).
Matt. 18 Angels have a special connection to children. Not sure what is being implied by the phrase: "their angels do always behold the face of my Father, which is in heaven."  Must be some kind of idiomatic expression in use at the time and in Aramaic. My best guess is that God is especially aware of children and their suffering, and those that mistreat children will be held accountable.
Matt. 22 Angels do not get married. And, why would they need to?
Matt. 24 Angels gather the elect at the end of the world. This passage of scripture is very cryptic.  I think it means that the angels are there to escort the righteous to heaven when they die, while the rest are on their own, and suffer consequences of their own making.
Matt. 25 There are holy angels
and there are
devil's angels.
The devil's angels are also called devils (in other parts of scripture).
John 20 Two angels are seen at the place where Jesus was laid to rest. Why were they there?
Did they play a part in the  resurrection of Jesus?

>>> The Revelation <<<

Book of Revelation There are many mentions of angels.  In the interest of time, space, and brevity, I shall categorize them.

(1)  Rev. 1-3;
angels are human couriers, who delivered messages and packages to and from John while he was in exile on the isle of Pathmos.

(2)  Rev. 5;
(a)  the
strong angel is probably symbolic part of the allegory.
(b)  the hundreds of thousands
angels are heavenly bodies, most likely the stars in heaven.

(3)  Rev. 7:1-2;
angels are heralds.  Whether they are real or figurative, I know not.

(4)  Rev. 7:11;
angels are part of the Mazzaroth (Hebrew Zodiac).  See pic below.

There were 12 tribes of the Hebrews (AKA:  Israel).  Each tribe was associated with one of the 12 signs of the Hebrew Zodiac (Mazzaroth).  I'm not the only person to come up with that idea, but nobody can agree upon which sign matches which tribe.  Here's what I found out, and figured out.

(in order of the chart, going clockwise).
Tribe Assignments
(He has is reasons; see my source for his reasons).
Tribe Assignments
(He also has his reasons; see my source).
Tribe Assignments
(by opposite order of the camping assignments in the desert)
Tribe Assignments
(based upon the order they appear in the Book of Revelation)
Leo Judah Simeon Simeon Judah
Cancer Issachar Reuben Reuben Reuben
Gemini Joe/Manasseh Zabulon Zabulon Gad
Tarsus Joe/Ephraim Issachar Issachar Asher
Aries Gad Judah Judah Naphthali
Pisces Simeon Naphthali Naphthali Manasseh
Aquarius Reuben Asher Asher Simeon
Capricorn Zabulon Dan Dan Levi
Sagittarius Benjamin Benjamin Joe/Ephraim Issachar
Scorpio Dan Joe/Manasseh Joe/Manasseh Zabulon
Libra Asher Joe/Ephraim Benjamin Joseph
Virgo Naphthali Gad Gad Benjamin

The point is that the 12,000 from each tribe represents 12,000 stars that appear in each section of the sky represented by each sign of the Mazzaroth (Hebrew Zodiac).

The second point is that the 144,000 (12,000 x 12 tribes) that so many misunderstand, are not people, but rather personifications of heavenly bodies.  Please note that personification (and what I call "animation") happens a lot in the scriptures.  To learn more see my page about Fantastic Beasts and Monsters of the Bible.

Rev. 8 These angels are heralds.  Whether real or figurative, I know not.
Rev. 9 9:11 - The bottomless pit = space (literally bottomless)
9:11 - The
angel of the bottomless pit = the red sun
   (Abaddon and Apollyon both mean "Destroyer"); i.e., the red sun is the "courier" of destruction.
9:14 - The four
angels bound in the river Euphrates = Tectonic Plate fault line under the river Euphrates will open, creating a humungous earthquake and a tsunami will flood the region with oceanic salt water.  In numerology, the number 4 represents death (as in 4 angels=death).  Many people will die.  These angels are the "couriers" of death via earthquake.
9:15 - 1/3 of humans will die.  Why?  Because the earthquakes will not be limited to the river Euphrates.  It might start at the river Euphrates, but my opinion is that soon thereafter every fault line in the world will quake, and there will be death all over the Earth.
Rev. 10 10:1 - Angel clothed with a cloud and rainbow over his head, with a face like the sun, and feet like pillars of fire = a great rain storm (because rain is created by the heat of the sun).
10:3 - 7 thunders = (not sure); possibly 7 big storms; one on each of the 7 continents???
Rev. 12 Michael = the sun
angels = all objects orbiting the sun
The dragon = the red sun (our sun's binary star)
The dragon's
angels = all objects that orbit the red sun
The war in heaven = a figurative "war" between our sun (Michael) and the red sun (the dragon); It has happened before, and it will happen again (in fact, it is happening now).  Learn more here.
Rev. 14 14:6 - Angel that preaches the gospel = figurative "revival" of religiosity on planet Earth.  (When the shtf, people get religion).
14:8 -
Angel saying, "Babylon is fallen" = figurative "death" of the powers that control this world in utter corruption.
14:9-10 -
Angel that warns about worshipping the "beast" = the "beast" is the world economic system.  Don't make money your god.  Ye cannot serve God and mammon.  Learn how to prepare now for the coming economic chaos.
14:15-17 - These
angels represent the great reaping of souls from the death that will be incurred from the impending natural disasters.
Rev. 15-16 These angels personify plagues.  They are "couriers" of plagues.
Rev. 17 This angel is possibly a real (anthropomorphic) angel; it's the one that talks to John in his vision of the apocalypse.
Rev. 18 The angel that throws the great millstone into the sea figuratively represents the destruction of "Babylon" (i.e., the destruction of the powers that control this world with utter corruption).
Rev. 19 19:2 - The great whore = The powers that rule this world with utter corruption.  They sell their souls for money/profit; thus, making them whores.
19:4 - The 24 elders = the 24,000-year cycle that we today call the "precession of the equinoxes".
19:4 - The 4 beasts = (1) Leo the lion, (2) Taurus the calf, (3) Aquarius the man, and (4) Aquila the eagle [figuratively these are the "milestones" of the great Mazzaroth, i.e., the precession of the equinoxes].
19:7 - The marriage of the Lamb to his bride = The reunion of Jesus with his followers. (Notice this happens towards the end, not the beginning of the tribulation).
19:17 - The
angel in the sun figuratively represents the heat of the sun that makes all the corpses stink and attracts the fowls of the air to come and sup on the flesh of the dead.
Please note that the figure on the white horse is NOT the Lamb.  It is a vengeful being, which treads the winepress; a metaphor for
blood-spilling.  Notice that the being on the white horse is wearing red.  This is the red sun of prophecies from all around the world.  Please see my page on prophecies from 12 different ancient cultures on the red sun.
Rev. 20 The angel that has the key to the bottomless pit (space) = the figurative power that controls the heavenly bodies in space.
The chain = the figurative "chain" that drags the red sun back out into outer space, just like how Fenrir was chained up by the Norse gods.
Rev. 21 21:1 - The new Earth = a 5D Earth.  [The 3D/4D Earth will pass away eventually.  Those that are worthy (the overcomers) will move to the new Earth.]
21:2 - The new Jerusalem = the transport that carries us to the new Earth.
21:9 - Possibly a real
angel, possibly just a dream angel.
21:18-20 - The stones represent the rainbow bridge, which is how we will get from the old Earth to the new Earth.
See here for more detailed info on the rainbow bridge.

The Lamb = Jesus.
The bride = those that actually do what Jesus taught them to do.


RE:  Cherubim

Etymology and Origins:
Researchers say that they don't know what the word means in Hebrew.  I can explain that.  Quite simply, it isn't a Hebrew word.  The word Cherub was a borrowed word (as there are many such words in Hebrew, borrowed from other cultures).  According to Online Etymology Dictionary it could have been borrowed from the Canaanite word karub and means "hybrid".  I think that the Cherub is the Hebrew version of the karub of the Medes, which may be an aberration of a much, much older mythological creature.  The Median karub looked like this:

It had the head of a man, body of a lion, legs of a calf, and wings of an eagle.
That's the same four creatures of the Cherub!

Cherubs (Cherubim) are not explicitly called angels in the Bible, but are considered to be a type of angel by certain scholars.  Personally, I don't think that they are literal angels.  The appearance of cherubs are first described in the book of Ezekiel.  They were written to have four heads (lion, calf, man, eagle), and four wings.  I think that the four heads represent the four "milestones" of the Mazzaroth (precession of the equinoxes).  [Parenthetically, I believe that the Median karub represented the same.]

The Mazzaroth
Leo = Lion, Taurus = calf, Aquarius = man, Aquila = eagle

Cherubs (Cherubim) are mentioned 67 times in the Judaeo-Christian Bible.
Note:  I'm not going to cover all 67 mentions, because it would be insane to do so.  But, here are some of the mentions.

Verse Summary Interpretation
Gen. 3:24 This is the very first mention of Cherubim.  Cherubim and flaming sword were assigned by the Elohim to guard the tree of life. This is so cryptic and I've had so many possible interpretations over the years, but the bottom line is that I just don't know.  What I do know is that it is NOT literal.  It is figurative, somehow.
Here's my primary theory as of the making of this page...
These cherubim are not your typical cherubim.  They were placed at the tree of life (symbolic of immortality) to prevent Adam and Eve (who metonymously represent all homo sapiens) from living forever.  My thinking is that these particular cherubim represent some kind of virus that was introduced to the human population to shorten their lifespan to less than 1000 years.  And, after the flood, there may have been a second virus that shortened our lifespan to 120 years.

As you read on, you will be exposed to other possible interpretations of the Cherubim.

Exodus 25 These cherubim were statues made out of gold to be put on top of the ark of the covenant.

No depiction of the ark of the covenant I have ever seen come close to resembling cherubim.

2 Kings 19:15
Psalms 80:1
Psalms 99:1
Isaiah 37:16
God is said to dwell between two Cherubs. Could it be, then, that the Cherubs represent the "veil" between physical reality and spiritual reality?
Ezekiel 10 Ezekiel has a vision, wherein he sees cherubim, and he is the first to describe them. It appears that the cherubim were present to make Ezekiel believe that he was actually in God's presence.  Their function appeared to be the bearers of a device of locomotion, which they controlled.  This locomotion is the most like the turning of the sun through the ages (a period of 24,000 years).
Other There are a few other mentions, but not of consequence. In the apocrypha, the cherubim are referred to as the chariot of God (and the sun is the home of God).

The End (of Cherubim)
For Seraphim, continue scrolling down.


RE:  Seraphim

Etymology and Origins
The word "Seraph" has dubious origins and the meaning is NOT agreed upon.  According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, it could mean "burning one" or "fiery flying serpent".  I'm going with "burning one".  (Although, in the past I was quite "attached" to the idea that it was a fiery serpent).

Isaiah is the only one in the Bible to have seen and recorded the appearance of seraphim.  In the entire Bible, seraphim are only mentioned twice, and both mentions happen in Isaiah 6.  The description is very limited.  We only know that they have six wings.  They surround the throne of God. Two wings cover their face.  Two wings cover their feet, and they fly with the other two wings.

The only other mention in all of Googlehood, where a being had six wings, are in the Book of Revelation, chapter 4, verse 8, where the four beasts that surround the throne of God, each have six wings.  Could they be seraphs?  Seraphs (Seraphim) appear to be unique to Hebrews.  I can find no other culture with a similar being in their lore.

You might think that because seraphs are so unique, I might not believe in them, but you would be wrong.  My thinking is:  you can't make that stuff up!  Its uniqueness actually adds credence to it.  Isaiah wasn't "borrowing" that information from any other culture in the history of the world (past or present).

I have so many questions.  Why did only Isaiah and John see them?  Why didn't Moses see them?  Why didn't Enoch see them?

I believe that Isaiah and John both saw what they reportedly saw, but what were they really?  Were they actual, or were they symbolic?  You decide.


RE:  Extra-Biblical Angels

Culture Type of Angels Description/Comments
Bodhisattvas Bodhisattvas are enlightened beings that help others attain enlightenment.
Christian, modern
Angels The modern-day mainstream Christian view is that they are anthropomorphic beings of spirit energy, who do God's biding.

Some have wings, some don't.

And, some can transform into human form to "test" humans here on Earth, or to "help" humans here on Earth.

Greek, ancient

Picture from Disney's animated film, "Hercules".
Muses Muses inspire humans.
Angels are unembodied or disembodied human spirits. We are the angels and the angels are us.  We are all "one" creation.  Even the bad spirits are us.  All spirits have free will to choose their own destiny.

Angels According to Muslim dogma, there were three types of spirits created:  angels, human spirits, and jinn.
Jinn are mostly bad, but some can change and become good.  They have free will.
Gabriel, peace be upon him, is the only angel that communicates with humans on God's behalf.
Spirits There are good spirits and bad spirits.  Shamanism mostly tries to do battle with the bad, but in my opinion, they delude themselves.  The only way to defeat the bad, is be good and ignore them.
Spenta Mainyu Good spirits.


Guardian Angels


       There are a plethora of recounts of people being saved by their guardian angels.  It would certainly be a monumental task for me to collect as many anecdotes I can.  Maybe what I'll do is just add a story or two each week (as time permits).  For now, I'll start with my own guardian angel recounts.

Title:  "Not a Scratch"
Author:  Leon
Date:  2009
Location: Vietnam
Source:  Me

       My son and I were riding a moped on a busy street during rush hour in Hanoi, Vietnam.
I wanted to get home so I was going way too fast.  The cars were going way to slowly.  So, I went around to pass them.  Then, some idiot on a moped came out from between two cars, in a perpendicular direction, where there was no intersection.  I have no idea what he was doing there and there was absolutely no reason for him to be doing what he was doing.  I had a second to react.  I hit the brakes, but I knew it wasn't going to slow me down in time.  I panicked!  I was heading right for this guy and to make matters worse, my son was on the moped right behind me.

       You have to understand, there really wasn't anywhere for me to go.  Both sides of the road were packed with cars and mopeds, but mostly cars.  I was in the middle of the road straddling the yellow line.  My only hope was that the brakes would slow my moped down enough to minimize damage--when all of a sudden my handlebars hit a car's mirror, causing the moped to wipe out.

       Next thing I knew, my son and I were on the ground in front of the car that we had just hit, and I was just waiting to die.  I figured we were going to get run over by the car.  As I lay there, I kept wondering when I was going to die.  Finally, I wondered if I was already dead, and I was about to get up, when I felt, Dink! the car stopped just as it barely touched my helmet.  (My son was on the other side of me, so he didn't feel anything from the car).  [Later I realized that I had experienced a dilation of time, or maybe more accurately a slowing of time.  For me time went by much, much slower than for those around me.  Also, I couldn't hear anything while in that state of time dilation.  I felt the 'dink' but didn't hear it.]

       My son and I got up with the help of witnesses (I don't know where they came from), we inspected ourselves, and the bike.  We felt fine.  The bike didn't have a scratch on it.  We got back on the bike and went home--this time a lot more carefully.

       When we got home, we inspected our bodies for any bruising or abrasions, or any kind of injuries and could find none.  To have been in an accident like that, and for the bike not to have a single scratch, and for my son and I to have not a single part of our bodies injured, was a miracle.  I believe that our guardian angels were looking out for us that day.

Title:  "Screwed"
Author:  Leon
Date:  January to February 2023
Location: Utah, USA
Source:  Me

I got SCREWED; BUT it SAVED people's lives!

       In January of 2023, I got a screw in my tire (like the one pictured above). It went straight in and perforated the tire. The tire place told me that it was too close to the wall of the tire to patch. I had to replace the tire. Needless to say, I felt completed "screwed over" by the universe, 'cause I didn't have money for a new tire. It was the left front tire. I didn't feel right just replacing one of the front tires, so I had two new ones put on of better quality than the previous ones. (Used credit because I didn't have the money). It was a huge burden for me financially, but it had to be done. And, I had done nothing to deserve such a malicious attack on my finances (from the universe, I mean).
       A week after getting the front tires replaced, I was driving with my son in the passenger seat down a country highway at 55 mph on wet roads (just after a snow storm). The snow had melted and the roads were wet.  I was in the left lane. An SUV was in front of me in the right lane. The SUV slowed to make a right turn on a side road. I could neither see the car coming out from that road, nor could the driver see me. Since the SUV was turning, the driver of the car thought that it was safe to pull out. It pulled out and I was about to side swipe it at 55 mph. Naturally, I hit the brakes, but there was no way that I was going to stop in time. I didn't know if the car was going to keep going or stop. It was still moving forward, so I swerved to the right. But, then it stopped in the middle of road blocking both lanes (on my side of the double yellow lines). I quickly reacted by swerving left, had to cross the double yellow lines to avoid hitting the vehicle. Had I not just put new tires on the front of my truck, that driver may have died, and my son and I severely injured.
       The moral of the story is that sometimes you may think that you are getting screwed by the universe, when actually, it's your guardian angels saving your life (and the lives of others).
Thank-you, guardian angels for screwing me over!
You just saved some lives.

Title:  "Save the Children"
Author:  Mary Jo Pennington
Date:  Posted in 2022
Location:  USA
"It's Supernatural"

Little Victoria got accidentally pushed off the ladder of a pool-slide ladder and floated to the concrete.

In this case, the individual saved by angels actually got to see the angels that caught her in mid air and gently lowered her to the concrete below.

Title:  "Throne of Angels"
Author:  NBC News
Reporter Adam Snider
Date:  May 2016
Location:  Oklahoma
Source:  NBC News


This teen, Daniel Parks, and his cousin hid in the restroom, next to the porcelain throne.  Daniel believes God saved him and his cousin.  The photo shows that the only thing left standing of the house was the bathroom, that's why I call this one, "The Throne of Angels."


Entertaining Angels Unawares

"Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."  (Hebrews 13:2)

Title:  "Deserted in the Desert"
Author:  Unknown
Date:  100 years ago
Location: USA
Source:  Coast to Coast AM Show

Just the other night (this is 2023) I was listening to Coast to Coast AM on the radio, when a caller called in to tell this story.  I liked it a lot.  So I relay it to you...
[If you are the author, contact me.]

The man who told the story said that it happened to his grandfather in the early 1900's.  His grandfather was the owner of a small shop in town.

He was working in his shop, when out of nowhere an old man walked up to the owner of the shop and asked for a job.  The old man said that he was hungry and was wondering if he could do some work to earn a little money to buy some food.  The owner of the shop replied that he didn't have enough work for another person, only enough to support himself and his family;  However, the owner of the shop said, "If you are hungry, let me take you out to dinner."  And, he did so.  After dinner, the old man thanked the owner and was about to go on his way.  But, the owner said, "If you don't have transportation, let me give you a ride home," to which the old man reluctantly agreed.  They drove toward the outskirts of town, into the desert, and when the town turned to desert, the old man, said, "This is good.  Drop me off here."

The owner was incredulous, but did as the old man asked.  "Are you sure?  There's nothing here.  I can drive you home."  The old man was sure.  He got out and started walking ahead of the car.  The owner looked in his mirror and blind spot to make a U-turn, and when he looked ahead again, the old man was gone.  This was the desert.  There were no bushes or tree to hide behind.  The owner looked all around, but could not find the old man.


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Angelic Messages

like 3:33

Have you ever had the sudden compulsion to look at the clock and you see repeating numbers.  Or, have you ever had a day where the same number pops up over and over again.  Could it be that somebody or some thing is trying to tell you something?  I believe so.  I believe that these are messages from your guardian angels.

But, what do the numbers mean?  I've done some research on this and found that different websites give different meanings to the various numbers, and so I threw that out the window.

Also, we need to take the clock numbers as a different kind of sign or message than the other one (where you see the repeating number throughout the day).

I have come to the understanding that the repeating numbers on the clock, like 3:33 or 11:11 are merely your guardian angels telling you that they are there for you if you need them.  (Keep in mind that angels have to follow rules.  They can't do anything you want, like say, make money grow on trees.)

As for seeing the same number over and over again, but in different locations.  Like say you see a number on a license plate, and then again on your receipt at the store, and then again on a sign.  That could be a specific message from the universe (and/or your angels).

There are various ways that people use to interpret the numbers.  Here are a few...

(1)  Using Strong's Concordance of the Bible.  Each word listed in Strong's has a number.  You can look up the word by the number of the word.

(2)  Using Numerology (and I use this one a lot).  For interpretation of numbers by using numerology, please see my Numerology Page.

(3)  Using I-Ching.  Each number is given a meaning in the I-Ching.  You can look it up.  (But, the I-Ching only goes up to 64).

(4)  Using a text, and then going by chapter and verse, or even page number.

Whichever way you use, you have to tell your angels that that is your preferred method of communication, then stick to it.  You can't flip around randomly.  If you want to switch to a different method, tell your angels first.



The End


This is a work in progress.  May add more later, as I have time and information.
But, that's all I got for now.

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