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Why Prep?

The Secret Behind 'The Secret'

This page is a how-to guide to making it work... for reals!

What "The Secret" left out...  (They got it only half right!)

Updated:  08/21/2022


A little background information
(my experience with "The Secret")

In 2008, there was this sign on this building in Orem, Utah, which read:  "The Secret".  I drove by that building many times wondering what the big secret was all about.  Finally, one day, I pulled into the parking lot, parked, and took my son into the building determined to find out what the "big" secret was.

When I entered the building, there was one big room, with a reception-like desk, not attended by anyone, and lots of small cubicles with a person in each one.  I stood in front of the reception-like desk and waited to be waited on.  After a few seconds, someone noticed our presence and asked, "May I help you?" (as if to say, "What are you doing here?").

I replied, "Yes.  What's the secret?"

The person who had addressed me previously, said, "Huh?"  (as if to say, "What are you talking about?")

I again replied, but a bit louder, so that everyone in the office could hear me, "What is the secret?"

By this time, everyone in the office was looking right at me.  Another lady in the office came over to the reception desk.  She said something like, "What can I do for you?"  By this time I was getting irritated.  I mean they all work in a building with only two huge words on it (The Secret), and nobody inside appeared to know what I was talking about.

I explained, "There's a sign on your building that says, 'The Secret,' so I came in here to find out what the secret is."

Finally, she got it.  She smiled and she said, "If you want to know the secret, you have to buy this book," holding up a book entitled, "The Secret".

Long story short: I bought the book and I read it...all of it.  I started to put it into practice.  Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.  When it worked, it was fantastic, but when it didn't, it was a let-down.  I kept thinking that there must be some kind of limitations put on this.  It wasn't until many years later that I learned, that the secret was only half the secret.  It takes both the secret, and the secret behind the secret to make it work 100% of the time.  Still, there are limitations.  Like you can't bring someone back from the dead, you can't make others fall in love with you (although you can increase your chances!), and you can't control other people, because people have free-will.  Other than that, the sky's the limit!

Herein below, I elucidate the other half of the secret out of the kindness of my heart...  (free of charge, as it should be.  Everyone should know this information!)

I'm not selling anything, so your pocketbook is safe.  :)

So, show me by a raise of hands, how many of you have read The Secret.  Great!  Almost all of you.  Now, show me how many of you have read it and tried to apply the principles therein.  Mmmm, hmmmm....a little less.  Now, show me how many of you have had any success with it.  Just what I thought, less than half (or all of you, but less than half the time, which is just about what you'd get if chance were involved, which it is not).

The reason for the lack of success with it is because there is a secret behind the secret, which the makers of The Secret apparently didn't know, (or are keeping a secret, which I don't think is the case).  There is much to be said for positive thinking, but it only has limited success, without the other part:  namely, your emotions.


That's right! Your emotions.  If your emotions are not in sync with your positive thinking, it ain't gonna work, hun.

I learned about the other half of of the secret from various sources, like Greg Bradon, Bashar, Abraham Hicks, and others (check them out on YouTube).  The way to manifest positive and wonderful things in your life is to feel the feeling as if whatever you wanted has already happened.  It's actually that simple in principle.  The application, however, is a bit harder.

When I write, "...a bit harder," what I mean is that one must first rid one's self of all negative emotions.  The best way to do that is through Zen meditation (which is creating a state of being where there is absence of thought and emotion).  The best way to do that is by relaxing and focusing on your breathing--slow, deep breaths--only focus on your breathing, nothing else.

Then, after you have cleared your mind and heart, you fill your mind with thoughts of what you want (keeping it general, rather than specific), and fill your heart with the feelings that you would feel as if it had already happened.

(Please read ALL the rules; rule #3 is particularly important).



It is important to keep it general, because the universe may wish to manifest your desires in its own way (not yours).  Let me give you some examples.



IF you say, "I wish for so-and-so to love me," probably not going to happen.

(You cannot go against free will; probably not gonna happen, hun.).

I wish for someone to love me with a deep and everlasting love, and for I to love that person with a deep and everlasting love.

*  (Then, you need to feel the love, as if you already had it).

IF you say, "I wish for 1,000,000 dollars."

(Too specific! Probably not going to happen).

I wish for more money to come to me.

*  (Then, imagine yourself with lots of money, and feel the feeling of being rich)!

IF you say, "I wish for a Lamborghini."

(Too specific!  Probably not going to happen).

I wish for a new, fast, reliable, sports car.

*  (Then, imagine yourself in the seat, behind the steering wheel of such a vehicle).



NOTE:  Any negative words in the thinking will result in the opposite of what you want.



IF you say,  "I don't want to fall in love."

(You will fall in love again, and probably get hurt again)!

I wish to remain single and alone.
I wish for someone to love me, and for I to love that person with a deep and everlasting love.  (Then, feel the feeling of that love, as if you already had it).
IF you say, "I don't have any money!  Please fill my empty bank account."

(Your bank account will remain empty; because you are focusing on the lack of money).

I wish for more money to come to me.

*  (Then, feel the feeling of having more money).

IF you say, "I'm so fat.  I want to lose weight."

(You will gain weight; because you are focusing on the fact that you are overweight).

I am slender.

*  (Then, feel how happy you would be if you were slender.  Imagine yourself being slender and looking at yourself admiringly in the mirror.  Also, keep in mind that it's not how much you eat, it's what you eat.  Stop the junk food!)

IF you say, "I want bigger muscles."

(This is bad, because the focus is on the lack of muscles).

I am strong.  

*  (Then, imagine how happy you would be if you were stronger).  Then, you've got to put some effort in...I mean you've got to work-out at least 3 times a week, dude!



Rhetorical Questions
Q:  Have you ever prayed for something good to happen; and then something bad happens?
Q:  Have you ever imagined (even felt) what it would be like to have/experience something, and then the exact opposite happens?

There have been many times when I have practiced what I preach (herein above), and then something really bad happens.  (Have you had that happen to you?  My guess is we all have in one way or another).  Like: you may have prayed for something good to happen, and then the exact opposite happens, or something really bad happens that prevents you from achieving your goal.


I was a teacher at the time.  Well, we had been have lots of problems with members of our class, and I finally I had had enough.  I told the class (and the universe) that I just wanted one perfect day. And, I took a moment to imagine and feel how it would feel to have just one perfect day at school. Well, that very same day, some really bad things happened involving members of our class.


Well, actually it did work, but it appeared that it didn't work, because the universe was responding to my negative emotions of the previous days related to the bad things that were happening at school (involving our class).  You see, sometimes it takes time for the universe to respond to our emotions.


Two days later, my perfect day actually became realized!  It was a fantastic day!  No problems!  I was actually allowed to teach without interruptions and without any problem behavior (which is what I love to do).

See?  Sometimes it takes time for the universe to pull its sh~tuff together and manifest our desires.

Note:  I haven't figured out, yet, why sometimes it takes longer than other times for the universe to respond.  This is something that really bugs me.  Sometimes the response is immediate (like instant karma); and sometimes it takes years.  I really don't have answers on this issue.  I could speculate, and I love to speculate, but not right now.

Looking for love???

If you are looking for love, it's not going to happen over night, but the universe will be putting people into your path that you could initiate a relationship with (and it could be as fast as the next day!).  It is important to be looking for those opportunities that the universe places before you as you feel the feelings of being in love.


Need some money???

If you are in need of money, it's not going to happen over night, but the universe will "pull strings" (of fate) and make it possible for you to obtain more money (and it won't necessarily take long).  At first it will be small.  For example, you might get a refund in the mail that you weren't expecting. OR, you might find a penny lying on the ground.  It is important to feel grateful for even the smallest "gift" from the universe.  And that brings me to my next point...



By feeling grateful for even the smallest event that is in the direction that you are wanting to go, you send out the right vibes into the universe and the universe will give you more.

For instance, let's say that you are looking for love, and some handsome/pretty person glances at you, feel happy!  Feel grateful for that little thing!  And then, you will get more!

If you are wanting money, and then you find a penny on the ground, feel happy and grateful for the gift, and then the universe will bring you more (and bigger) gifts!

If you want to be more slender, and you start working in that direction (say a change in diet and exercise), and you only lose one pound, be happy and be grateful for that small event.  Celebrate it!  Have a party (...with carrot sticks and celery, of course)!  Then, the next day, you will lose two pounds, and the next day, three, etc.

This system really works!  Try it!  What have you got to lose, besides weight?

I love you guys, and I wish for you all to be happy.


Sincere regards,









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