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Why Prep?

The Library of Calligrams
Compiled by Leon of Leon's Planet


You could do it the slow way: Or you could do it the fast way:


Dear Parents & Students, Homeschoolers & Online Learners:

This is not a trick!  It really works!  It is based on the science of memory, called mnemonics.  As a literacy teacher and ESL teacher, I have used this technique for years with great success for my pupils/students.  Please consider sending me your own calligrams to add to our list.  I will list the words in alphabetical order.  Children under the age of 13 must have their mom or dad send me their calligrams.

Dear Teachers, Tutors, & Instructors:

All of the calligrams on this page were created by me, Leon, and copyright laws apply.  Copyright laws state that any time somebody creates an original work, it is immediately and automatically copyrighted.  The creator retains all rights to the material created until it is signed away to somebody else.

Also, "Fair Use" laws say that copyrighted material may be used for educational and personal use.  Teachers, you may use my material to teach your children freely, but it would be nice if you gave me credit for creating the calligrams used.  Links back to this page are greatly appreciated.

I suggest we make a database of calligrams, right here!  Collectively...let's see how many words we can turn into calligrams.  Contact me by email and attach a picture of your calligram.

Kind regards,

Webmaster of Leon's Planet


What is a calligram?

Well, before I tell you what a 'calligram' is, I want you to know that I invented the 'calligram' concept; BUT, I originally called it a 'pictograph'.  Then, one day I learned that the word 'pictograph' was already a word in use (in mathematics).  I have been teaching vocabulary by using calligrams for many, many years under the term that I coined:  "pictograph".  The first calligrams were shape poems.  See Wikipedia's article on "Calligram".

To distinguish from the poetic calligrams (shape poems), some use the term 'word-calligram' to refer to a calligram which is a single word, where it is written in the shape of the meaning of the word.

Here....see some examples that I invented:  (and you may send me your own calligrams, to be posted here under your name!  You must be at least 13 years of age; or, if you are under the age of 13, you may have your mom or dad send me your calligram, 'cause you need their permission!).

Inventor's Name
(optional; fake names, pseudonyms, and nom de plums are welcome)
(required for children, not for adults)
(requested; just for fun)
Word /


(in alphabetical order)
Designed by Leon;

Colored by Frank


Frank- Gr1

China Amazon

Meaning:  Name of a rainforest in Brazil

Leon adult China asked

< past of "ask" >

Leon adult China became

< past of "become" >

Leon adult Utah, USA boot

Meaning:  a kind of shoe

Leon adult China came
< past of "come">

< past of "go">

see below

Leon adult China changed

< past of change >

Leon adult Utah, USA channel

Meaning:  a human-made river

Designed by Leon

Colored by Alex


Alex- Gr1

China cyborg

Meaning:  half human, half robot

Leon adult Utah, USA depths

Meaning:  noun of 'deep'

Designed by Leon

Colored by Aleksi

adult China electricity

Meaning: a kind of energy used to make light or make things move

Leon adult China entered

< past of "enter" >

Meaning:  went in

Designed by Leon

Colored by Jason


Jason- Gr1

China fire extinguisher

Meaning:  machine to put out fires

Leon adult China gave

< past of "give" >

Leon adult China had

< past of have >

Leon adult China licked

< past of lick >

Leon adult China lived

< past of live >

Leon adult China married

< past of marry >

Designed by Leon

Colored by Kitty



China parachute

Meaning:  a cloth attached to a person or object by strings to slow the falling

Leon adult Utah, USA penta~

Meaning:  5
Example:  pentagon
Notice:  It has 5 letters!  and it means 5!

Leon adult China put

< past of "put" >

Leon adult Utah, USA quad~

Meaning:  4
Examples:  quadrilateral, quadruple
Notice:  It has 4 letters!  and it means 4!

Leon adult China said

< past of say >

Leon adult China ship

Meaning: a very big boat

Leon adult Utah, USA skull

Meaning:  head bone

Leon adult China started

< past of start >

Leon adult Utah, USA swan

Meaning:  a kind of bird that lives in water

Leon adult Utah, USA toss

Meaning:  to throw under-handedly

Leon adult Utah, USA tri~

Meaning: 3
Examples:  triangle, tripod, triple
Notices:  It has 3 letters!  and it means 3!

Leon adult China wanted

< past of want >

Designed by Leon

Colored by YaX


YaX, Gr1

China whip


(1) n.  a long, leather tool for causing hurt


Designed by Leon

Colored by YunX


YunX, Gr1

China whip


(1) n.  a long, leather tool for causing hurt

Designed by Leon

Colored by Selina



China whistle


(1) v.  to make a musical sound with ones mouth and lips

(2) n. a tool that when blown, makes a tone

Designed by Leon

Colored by KX


KX, Gr1

China whistle


(1) v.  to make a musical sound with ones mouth and lips

(2) n. a tool that when blown, makes a tone

Designed by Leon

Colored by Sun



China wind

Meaning:  the air that moves or blows

? ? ? ? Your calligram here


Add your calligrams to this page!


High-school students and adults should see my vocabulary page especially for adults


How to Use Calligrams to Learn New Words

It is important that children are involved in the creation process.  If the children (students) use their own creativity and imagination to create their own calligrams, they will never forget the meaning of the word.  If the pupils are too young (as in grade kindergarten or grade 1) to create their own calligrams, the teacher may create them for the pupils.  I teach grade 1 and I make the calligrams for each of the vocabulary/spelling words.  Then, my pupils have to color and cut them out to use as flash cards.  By studying with the calligram-flash-cards each day, the pupils are ready for the vocabulary test on Friday.












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