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Why Prep?
Earth Day!

April 22nd is Earth Day.
(or is it?)


There is some confusion (in my mind at least) as to when Earth Day actually is.  Apparently, my confusion revolves around the TWO dates for Earth Day.  The very first Earth Day took place on March 21st, 1970 (the vernal equinox).  And, I don't know about you, but to me, it just makes sense that Earth Day should be on the vernal equinox, because that's the date of the original Easter (the celebration of spring coming, and the resurgence of life on the planet).  It all came about because a man named John McConnell proposed the idea of a globally celebrated day at UNESCO (United Nationals Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) in 1969, to be started in 1970.  It was written up and signed into UNESCO "law" (for lack of a better word).

However, things happen, and things change, sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances.  On April 22nd, 1970, the U.S.A. under the supervision of Senator Gaylord Nelson, organized a nationwide environmental event, which was called an "Earth Day" event.  So, long story short, April 22nd became known as "Earth Day" in the U.S.A. and it spread globally.

Sources:  RismediaWikipedia.

Foreword2:  Some people say that every day should be Earth Day, and I would agree; just as I would agree that one should keep the spirit of Christmas in one's heart all year round.  However, it behooves us to have this one day to remind us that every day is Earth Day!


7 Ways to Observe Earth Day (and every day)

1 Positive Vibes

In English, we personify our planet, by calling her, "Mother Earth,"  however, I think it is important to understand that a planet is a spiritual (albeit tangible) being.  She is "alive"!  When we hurt her, she will discipline us, just as a human mother would.  But that's beside the point.  The point is that as a sentient being, we ought to start off every day, sending loving vibes to "mother earth" and thank her for the bounteous flora and fauna to which he is "home".  Ideas:
(a)  Make an Earth Day song.
(b)  Make 'Thank-you' cards for Mother Earth.
(c)  Moment of silence for Mother Earth.
(d)  Just say, "I love you, Mother Earth."

2 Plant stuff.

Plant a garden.  Plant a tree (or two, or three).  Plant stuff for a healthy ecology.

3 Promote.

Promote a healthy, clean environment.  Examples:  (a)  make posters, (b) have a poster contest, (c) combine Earth Day with a science fair with an Earth Day theme.

4 Get Active.

Get active in community conservation and/or recycling activities.

5 Do your research.

Do your research into the harmful things that we humans are doing to mother earth.  Some ideas are litter-bug, dumping of harmful wastes, unnecessary dependence upon fossil fuels, etc.  (NOTE:  electric cars are NOT the answer.  Cars that run on water are the answer).  We have the technology, but it is being suppressed.

6 Petition the gov't.

After you've done your research, petition the gov't to put a stop to harmful activities.  Electricity that comes from nuclear power plants, coal-burning power plants, or from rechargeable batteries is NOT the answer.  Please note that most electricity comes from nuclear or coal plants.  Both are potentially very deadly to the environment.  Electricity that comes from solar and wind and water power are the answer.  Petition the government to release the suppressed technology.

7 Stop polluting your body!

We are intricately linked to our Mother Earth.  When we hurt ourselves we also hurt mother.  And, likewise, when we hurt mother, we also hurt ourselves.  Keeping that in mind, it behooves us to consider (especially on Earth Day) what we are doing to our bodies.

Things to research (and thereafter avoid):

- monosodium glutamate (a neurotoxin)  AKA:  MSG

- artificial sweeteners (including high-fructose corn syrup)

- brominated vegetable oil (bromine is a flame retardant added to many oils, and it is toxic to the human body)  AKA:  BVO

- other forever chemicals!

Go natural!

The best way to eat healthily, is to eat natural (unprocessed) foods (as much as possible).

Maybe have a picnic where you eat only natural, unprocessed foods!  You'll feel so much better (physically) afterward.

And, don't forget to thank mother Earth for her bounty.


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