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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about EFL/ESL & Leon's Planet

See questions and answers below.

Q:  Does Leonsplanet.com use cookies?
A:  No.  I don't even know how to do that.
Q:  Who owns Leonsplanet.com?
A:  Leonsplanet.com is independently owned and operated by Leon.  He is a teacher and single father who dedicates his own time and energy to this labor of love.  In the 25 years that this site has been on the web, ads have not generated a profit in any year.  In fact, there has been no income from this endeavor in the past 5 years.  Leon pays out of his own pocket for webhosting fees and domain-name fees.
Q:  What is the difference between EFL (English a Foreign Language) and ESL (English a Second Language)?
A:  EFL is English learned in a non-English speaking country by speakers whose mother tongue is not English.  ESL is English learned in English-speaking countries by speakers whose mother tongues are not English.
Q:  What is the best way to learn English?
A1:  The best way to learn English is to expose yourself to as much native-speaker-like (authentic) usage of the language as possible, and mimic it.  It comes down to this:  copy the masters.

A2:  FORMULA FOR EFL (invented by Leon of Leon's Planet ©2013)


(Lexis knowledge + Effort + Grammar knowledge + Practice = Acquisition & Automaticity)

What does that mean?

(1) 'Lexis knowledge' means learn a lot of words in the target language

(2) 'Effort' means try hard and try a lot.  It takes a lot of time and effort to learn a foreign language.

(3) 'Grammar knowledge' means familiarize yourself with the rules of the target language (but DON'T waste time memorizing the rules; that is useless).

(4) 'Practice'  means you make sentences that are grammatically and lexically correct.  Then you say them over and over and over again, with correct pronunciation until it becomes automatic.

(5) 'Acquisition' means you have acquired the target language

(6) 'Automaticity' is a term coined by Bialystock.  It means you can produce the target language without thinking about it.  It is natural.  It is automatic!

Q:  What is the difference between a Pidgin and a Creole?
A:  A Pidgin is a "trade language" with reduced lexis and reduced grammar.  The Philippinos speak a Pidgin of English (I think).  A Creole is a pidgin that has become a native tongue. 
Q:  How did this website get started? 
Answer is on Leon's About page.
Q:  May I copy (and paste) portions of Leon's EFL Planet into my own website?
A:  Yes, you may.  But, please don't copy whole pages (as some people have done).  And please give me credit.  AND, please link back to my website.
Q:  Which sites do you recommend for young learners?
A:  Children under the age of 13 should have adult supervision whenever using this website.  Here is the parents' page.  (It has lots of activities for children).
Q:  How can one advertise on this website?  ....for free?
A:  Click HERE for advertising information.  (Yes, paid and free ads)...
Q:  How can I help support Leon's Planet dot com?
A:  Click HERE for ideas on how you can help.  (There are a lot of ways!)

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