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Why Prep?


By Leon of Leon's Planet



What is a ghost?

I think that most people would define the word ghost as either an unembodied spirit, or a disembodied spirit, right?  But, what if some ghosts were actually Jinn!  or worse yet, Aliens!

I will attempt to convince you that there are metaphysical phenomena happening all around us.  The fact that some ghostly phenomenon happens in our world, attests to some supernatural existence.  Some people choose to believe that they are spirits of the disembodied.  Some people choose to believe that they are manifestations of beings from another "sphere" or "dimension".  Who really knows?  But, I'm convinced that something is out there!


Table of Contents
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Who ya gonna call?


     This is NOT a joke.
I have the ONE and ONLY way to exorcise a person or a home.
It is sensible advice.  It should be common knowledge.  Unfortunately, very few people know what I know.

See my Exorcism 101 page to learn how to exorcise your own body, home or business.

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Photos of Ghosts
"I saw a ghost!"
     by Leon
"What are ghosts?"
      by Leon
"How to see auras"
      by Leon
Sleep Paralysis
Ouija Boards
Mediums / Channelers



Photos of Ghosts

Dark Vortex

Of course, I cannot be sure what the dark vortex is, but my educated guess is that it is NOT a unembodied human spirit.  From my experience, the incorporeal entities that are dark are dark, because they lack light.  And, anything that lacks light also lacks love, and anything that lacks love, cannot be good.  However, they are nothing to fear.  For, as long as you are filled with love and light, the darkness cannot comprehend you, and cannot hurt you.



Source: Dark Vortex

Ghosts that might not be ghosts after all.

#1 is allegedly from somebody's trail cam and this picture has done its rounds on the internet.  Nobody can explain it.  It has a tail, wings, and single horn in the middle of its head.  Is it the legendary unicorn?

Source #1.

#2 is another trail cam capture, but the deer in the foreground is not the ghostly entity.  Look to the right in the background and you'll see a pale, humanoid figure.  Is it a ghost, or is it the legendary Rake?  And, if it is the Rake, what is a Rake, anyways?  Nobody knows.

Source #2.

#3 is the most famous photo the Rake in all of cyber history.  What are we dealing with here?  Is it an alien?  Is it a branch of the hominid family that evolved differently from homo sapiens?  Or is it a demonic ghost?  You decide.

Source #3.




Human Apparitions

In my educated opinion, all human apparitions (that do not make any noise, and do not cause any sound or movements of objects) are replays of a traumatic event that has somehow been recorded into the Ether (or Akash).  They tend to replay over and over again, in the same way, but only those who vibrate at the same or similar frequency can see them.  Photographic film seems to pick them up too.



Source:  Human apparitions

Mystical Mists

I call them "mystical mists" because there is a great mystery behind this phenomenon.  We're not talking about smoke or vapour here.  These mists have no smell, no taste, no physicality, and are translucent.  In fact, most cannot be seen by the naked eye, but from some reason, camera film can pick them up.  Is it an ecto-echo of an ancient fire that took place on that site?


Source:  Mists


Orbs are my favorite.  Orbs are the natural form of the spirit.  These are spirits floating around the cemetery waiting to see their loved ones when they come to visit.


Source:  Orbs

Shadow People

Shadow people (and I've seen them) look just like shadows--that is shadows of humanoid form.  My educated guess is that they are both literally and figuratively dark entities, perhaps jinn.  Please don't be afraid.  They have no power over you.  Just tell them to go away.

Source:  Shadow People

Slender Man

In my opinion, slender man was originally a fake / a prank.  But, when the demonic realm can find a new way to scare people, they'll take full advantage of it.  So, yeah, many people are seeing tall, dark, slender, faceless apparitions of men, which clearly are not disembodied humans.  Or, are they the men in black?

Source:  Slender Man

White Vortex

In opposition to the black vortex, I would say that the white vortex is full of light, and therefore something good (in my book).  But, is it a ghost traveling super fast?  I don't know.

Source: White Vortices

If you want to see Animal Ghosts, check out these websites....
(not on my site)

Dogs Cats Horse Animals


Encyclopedia Metaphysica
(Everything you want to know about the supernatural;
Brought to you by Leon's Planet)


Halloween is the evening of October 31st, when all the spirits of the dead roam the Earth.

Learn more about Halloween.


Need an Exorcist???


Leon's Exorcism Page





 I Saw A Ghost!
(This is my real-life ghost story)


"I found a job as a grave-shift baker."

When I was in my early twenties, I had just graduated from university in education and could not find a teaching job.  I moved to Las Vegas to seek employment.  I found a job as a grave-shift baker.  I did not (nor had I ever) do drugs of any kind.  I didn't smoke or drink.  Yet, ghostly phenomena began to happen, which began to freak me out.

"I worked alone..."

I was hired by a bakery, which operated in a huge warehouse.  The pies and other baked goods that we made were delivered to the hotels/casinos all over Las Vegas.  I was hired as part of a new venture to make doughnuts.  I was trained and after my training I worked alone from 11pm to 7am.  I had to make some 2,000 doughnuts of all kinds by myself.  And making doughnuts is a very arduous and delicate process, which I will not go into at this time.  Suffice it to say that I was pressed for time.  There was no time for breaks or "dilly-dally".

"Out of the corner of my eye..."

The warehouse was divided by a concrete wall.  Connecting the two sides of the warehouse was a doorway.  So, one day I was kneading the dough on a table.  I was facing the wall.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone, dressed all in white walk right through the wall.  I turned and looked.  I was baffled by what I had just seen.  Then, I went to the other side of the warehouse to see if I could see anybody.  I saw no one.  Thinking that fatigue had played tricks on my mind, I went back to work.

"That was strange, because..."

Another time, quite possibly on the same night, I was setting up to mix some dough.  I put some utensils on the table, and I turned around to grab a mixing bowl.  One of the utensils fell on the floor.  That was strange, because I had put the utensils fully on the table.  They were near the edge, but none were hanging over the edge.  That irked me because I was in a rush and I then had to wash the dirty utensil.  Then, I placed a mixing bowl on the same table.  When I turned around to get something else, it fell onto the floor.  That time my "irk" changed to ire.  I yelled (without thinking), "Cut it out!"

"I thought that... I was losing my mind."

I thought that either there was a ghost making life miserable for me, or I was losing my mind.  Well, I didn't lose my mind, so....

Before that time, and since, other people, have told me their personal ghost stories.  None of those people used drugs of any kind at the time of their experiences.  The only commonality between all the people, including myself, is that we all have come from very religious backgrounds, and did all believe in spirits at the time of our experiences.  Was it our faith that made us somehow project the images into our awakened minds?  I don't know.

Many years later, I stopped believing in any religion.  Yet, I do not discount the possibility of ghostly phenomenon happening outside our minds.  In fact, although I do not profess a faith in any religion, my belief in the paranormal still affects me.

"I had come from a conservative Mormon family."

In 1995, I left all my relatives and my country to live and work overseas in the beloved country of Korea (South, of course),  I began to broaden my horizons (in more ways than one).  I had come from a conservative Mormon family.  The believe in the spirit world is strong amongst Mormons.  In fact, Mormons believe that the spirit world is right here, on earth.  They believe that ghosts are the spirits of those who've laid their mortal housings to rest.  It is said that some ghosts may be the spirits of yet unborn souls.  After leaving the Mormon faith, those beliefs were called into doubt.  Yet, Mormons are not the only people who believe in spirits both unborn and dead.  The Buddhist religion also believes in such.  So, I began to study the Buddhist religion.

"I started attending a Buddhist temple..."

In 1997, I started attending a Buddhist temple (in Korea) where Zen meditation was taught in English each Sunday.  After an hour of Zen meditation, we'd listen to a dharma talk, proceded by questions and answers.  It wasn't the meditation or the dharma talks that particularly impressed me, however.  I would get bored during Zen meditation, and I would look around at the others.  Amazingly, after staring at this one monk for a while, I began to see his aura.  It seemed that the longer I stared at it, the brighter it became until a certain point, of course.  Then, I began to notice that the room, which had no electrical lights, and thus was somewhat darker than outside, was getting brighter.  I looked around and notice that nearly everything in the room had an aura, not just the people.  After meditation, we went to another smaller room/building on the side of a nearby mountain, dedicated to the mountain god for the dharma talk.  That day, I was interested in what was being said, for I was intrigued by this new-found ability to see light, even in its finest qualities.  But, I was unprepared for what I saw in that room/building.  I saw minute, floating spheres, radiating light in all directions, like miniature stars.  But, these miniature stars moved in ways contrary to gravity, wind, or any other force in the room.  They moved around as if they WILLED themselves to move.

"I have tried many times to duplicate the experience."

That was a powerfully impressive experience for me.  I have tried many times to duplicate the experience, but did not.  I even went back to the same building on a separate occasion, but did not see what I had seen before.  I wish I could remember the date, for that might bear significance.

Some people have told me that what I was seeing was the light refracting off the red blood cells in the lens or cornea of my eye, as one would see when laying on one's back staring at the blue sky.  I admit that the experience is similar, but I was in a dark room with no electrical lighting, and the miniature stars were much brighter than the light of the red blood cells.  And if it were the red blood cells, I should have been able to repeat the experience.  I wasn't.

So, no one can tell me that there isn't metaphysical phenomenon going on around us.  We are physical beings.  Why is it impossible to conceive of an energy being?  And if there are a multitude of kinds of physical beings, as there are, why wouldn't there be a multitude of metaphysical (energy) beings?


Halloween is the evening of October 31st, when all the spirits of the dead roam the Earth.

Learn more about Halloween.


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What are Ghosts?
(An essay, by Leon)


So, what do the photographs (on websites, links above) show us?

They show us that there are at least four kinds of metaphysical phenomena.  They are: orbs, white vortices, dark vortices, ectoplasmic mists, and human apparitions.


"So, what about psychics?"

"So, what about psychics and ghostly phenomena?" you ask.  "Some psychics claim to be able to communicate with spirits, particularly disembodied ones," you attest.  

Well, in fact, there is very little evidence to link the metaphysical phenomena above (namely, orbs, vortices, mists) to the so-called psychic phenomenon of channeling, séance, etc.

"And yet, some seem to be intelligent."

Therefore, it would BAD SCIENCE to assume that they ARE ghosts.  And yet, some seem to be intelligent.  As a science teacher, I can tell you that metaphysical beings, if they exist, do not have a label.  And so, I find myself in a position where I must coin a new term for them.  I think 'metaphysical beings' will do nicely.

DEFINITION:  'metaphysical being' = an intelligent, sentient being of energy


"So, let's analyze the data..."

So, let's analyze the data that we have so far.

1.  Metaphysical Phenomena = MP
2.  Metaphysical Being = Metabeing or MB

FIRST, THE DATA (What do we know so far?):

 FACT 1:  MP are generally detected in "cold" areas.  That is to say that the place surrounding the ghost will be of a lower temperature than the outlying area.

 FACT 2:  MP are generally detected by EMF readings:  (EMF = ElectroMagnetic Field).

 FACT 3:  MP emit "invisible" (or less visible) light {which appears to be detected by camera film (400 speed film seems to be the best)}.

 FACT 4:  MB or MP are rarely heard with the physical ear, and rarely seen by the naked eye.  [Perhaps NEVER heard or seen by the naked eye].  Yet, many people claim to have had "visions" (either auditory ones or visual ones, or both).  This must not be entirely discounted as evidence.


So, what does the data mean?  I shall explain.

RE:  FACT 1:  Coldness

When, we feel "coldness", it is because energy is exiting our body.  "Coldness", therefore, could be defined as a loss of energy.  This suggests that metabeings are endothermic.  Humans are exothermic, because we emit heat (constantly).  The more heat we either "emit" or "lose", the colder we feel.

RE:  FACT 2:  EMF readings

EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) readings are so unreliable, because they only gauge the "density" of electro-magnetic field (EMF).  The readings won't tell you anything about the frequency of the EMF, and in my opinion that's what we need to find in order to identify "kinds" of MP... as well as distinguish the various MP from the electrical appliances/wires which might interfere with the readings.

Think of it this way:  EMF readings will tell us the QUANTITY of the MP, but the frequency will tell us the QUALITY of the MP.

For the time being, I guess EMF detectors are better than nothing.

RE:  FACT 3:  "invisible light"

Light is one of six kinds of energy.  In physical science, we learn that the six kinds of energy are:

1.  chemical energy
2.  electrical energy
3.  light energy
4.  nuclear energy
5.  sound energy
6.  thermal energy

AND, there is a hazy 7th category, called Kinetic Energy.  I say "hazy" because it includes some of the kinds of energy above, and yet, seems to also be in a category all its own.

Kinetic Energy is the opposite of Potential Energy.  Potential energy is "stored energy", whereas Kinetic energy is "motion".  Basically any motion in the universe is attributed to energy.

Light Energy can be divided into three parts:  (1) Infra-red, (2) Visible, and (3) Ultra-violet.

Infra-red (below red) and Ultra-violet (above violet) are INVISIBLE to the naked eye.

VISIBLE LIGHT includes the seven colors of the rainbow:

     red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.


Light Energy can be measured in three ways:  amplitude, wavelength, and frequency.

Amplitude:  this is the "height" of the wave.  I like to think of it as the "volume" of the engery.

    (Like an amplifier makes sound energy "louder", and we say that the "volume" of the sound has increased).

Wavelength:  this is the length from one crest to the next.  I like to think of this as the total length of a given pulse of energy.  Energy looks like waves on an oscilloscope, but that is merely a 2-dimensional representation of an energy wave.  I believe that the term "wave" is a misnomer.  It should be called a pulse.  So, a wavelength, with the exception of water waves, is the actual time of one PULSE of energy.

Frequency:  this is the amount of wavelengths (PULSES) in a given period of time (usually a second).  Most of the world use Hertz to measure frequency.  1 Hertz is 1 wavelength per 1 second.  Humans can generally see light in the range of 4.3 x 1014 Hz to 7.5 x 1014 Hz.  But, engery frequencies go from less than 1 Hz (Radio Waves) to more than 10 billion Hz (Gamma Radiation).

Since we usually cannot see metabeings or MP without the aid of a camera, they must emit invisible light.  It seems logical to me that in addition to using EMF readings, we should also measure the frequency and wavelength of the MP.

RE:  FACT 4:  hearing and seeing

Later on this page, I explain how it would be possible for metabeings to emit light and sound, but the funny thing is, not everyone can hear and see the ghosts.  One explanation for this is given by a so-called "Ghost-hunter", himself.  According to the aforementioned ghost-hunter's own account, he "hears" and "sees" things in his mind (i.e., only he can hear & see them).  They are things that aren't audible or visible to others around him.  From his accounts, I don't think he is crazy.  I believe that he is really, truly experiencing something.


Okay, now lets take what we know (so far) and put it together (synthesis), to see what conclusions we can come up with...


What MP are NOT:

  • They are not usually visible to the naked eye.
  • They are not tangible.
  • They are not necessarily metaphysical beings (although we cannot rule out the possibility).

What Ghosts COULD BE:

  • Hoaxes (sometimes, but not all the time).
  • Metaphysical beings (including, but not limited to unembodied spirits, disembodied spirits, angels, demons)
  • HALLUCINATIONS; (in the viewer's own mind).
  • Interdimensional beings (I suppose these could be metaphysical).
  • Physical beings cloaked with invisibility.
  • Echoes of the past (Psychic Echoes).
  • Another life form (yet to be understood by science).



When I first saw the photo of the orbs at the (see: 9-11 crash site, ground zero ), I was taken back, and for the first time gave some credence to the idea that orbs might be disembodied spirits.  But, I just thought of something:  At ground zero, on that day, there was a heck of a lot of dust in the air from the demolition that had just taken place.  Now, I'm seriously leaning toward the "dust orb" theory (in that case).


DO Metabeings EAT?

If metabeings exist, then they must "feed upon" something in order to maintain their integrity as an intelligent form of engery; AND, if they feed, would they not "excrete" something as well? (Yeah, how many people have thought of that?)

YES!  Every reaction has a by-product; And, if we can figure out what it is that they excrete, we could track them down!

EMF readings are not reliable because all energy-bearing things, such as electrical appliances, emit EMFs.  Lights, when switched on, will emit EMFs.  Electrical wires in the walls (if carrying electricity) will emit EMFs.  We need to hone in on the correct frequency!!!


Another question:  Can an endothermic entity emit an electro-magnetic field?

Sure!  In Physical Science, we learn that there are six kinds of energy:  light, sound, chemical, nuclear, electrical, and thermal.  AND, we learn that energy conversions happen all the time, even in our bodies, where we convert chemical energy to kinetic energy.  While the metabeings may absorb thermal energy, (perhaps as food), they would then convert that energy into another form of energy (perhaps as light or sound).

AHThen, equipped with that knowledge, we must acknowlege that it could be possible for metabeings to be seen and heard.  (Although it would seem unlikely that the sounds ghosts make would be intelligible, intelligible EV-Readings, or Electronic Voice Recordings are quite convincing).

Hmm.  Interesting.  The ramifications of this new insight are endless!


Final Conclusion

I'm afraid that I haven't solved this mystery.  But, with my ever-increasing understanding of the concepts of science (and as science increases), I'm a few steps closer to understanding the possibilities.  Wouldn't you agree?

Here are my final conclusions:

  • 1.  So-called ectoplasmic mists and vortices could be the "exhaust" or "excrement" of metabeings, but I highly doubt that such are intelligent beings in and of themselves.
  • 2.  Only ORBs have a definite shape and volume.  Therefore, I'm more likely inclined to believe that they might actually be metabeings.
  • 3.  IN EITHER CASE (above), beings made of energy, metabeings, would be shape-shifters.  That is to say that they could take any form/shape they pleased.  They could become visible, should they choose, by changing their frequencies.  They might even be able to make noise by converting light energy into sound energy.  And, if intelligent, they certainly could communicate telepathically, to those who are more "hard-wired" in the brain to receive such communication.

I know that the possibilities are endless.  Therefore, I think it would be worth our while to invest time and money into the study of metaphysical phenomenon.  There is so much we don't know about the universe in which we live.  It would be awfully egocentric to assume that there cannnot be any non-material beings in the universe.


Halloween is the evening of October 31st, when all the spirits of the dead roam the Earth.

Learn more about Halloween.


Need an Exorcist???


Leon's Exorcism Page






How to see AURAS !

What are auras?

Auras are the energy (in the form of light) which are emitted from all things.  Everything is in a state of flux.  And everything degrades.  Living things can replenish their energy by "feeding".  Non-living things cannot.  Thus, living things tend to emit MORE of an aura than non-living things.  But all things degrade, or decay.  This is the basis for Carbon dating.


How can one see an aura?

It's not very hard, actually.  I believe that anybody can do it.  Here, I'll teach you how to see an aura.

Step One:  It is easiest to begin with a single candle in a dark room.  Look directly AT the flame, BUT focus peripherally outside the perimeter of the flame.  You will see a "GLOW" emanating from the flame.  That is the aura of the flame.  Spend some time experimenting with focusing you eyes, and you will also see beams of light emanating from the flame.  Those are not necessarily part of the aura, but they make for interesting viewing.

Step Two:  When you are ready for step two (which is quite a leap, I guess), blow out the candle, but stay in the dark room (but NOT completely dark).  A completely dark room will not show much of a "light show" (as I call it).  It is best to lay prone on one's back and look up towards the ceiling, BUT DO NOT FOCUS on the ceiling.  Focus somewhere between you and the ceiling.  Give your eyes time to adjust.  It will take a few minutes.  You will be astonished at what you see.  The first thing you will probably notice is millions of photons of various colors shooting around the room in various directions.

Other things that you may notice:

(a) you may notice amorphous entities floating around the room.  Some are greenish, and some may be bluish.  (I've never seen any other colors, but I have seen shadowy entities floating about the room).

(b) if you focus about two inches from your eyes, you may see your own aura.

NOTE:  human auras can change color depending upon the state of consciousness and the condition of one's body.  When the body is in a state of repair, it will display a green aura.  I've seen my own green aura.

(c) you may see "orbs" (which are usually white and spherical).  I've only seen these in a Buddhist Temple in Korea.  I've tried to see them in my home, but cannot.  I describe them as "flying crystals".

Step Three:  (I can't believe I forgot to tell you step three!!!)  Now, you are ready to see human auras!  The best conditions are a not-so-well lit room or outside at night.  It is nearly impossible to see auras in brightly lit areas, because of the interference from the sunlight (or artificial light).  Find a waking volunteer to be viewed, or a sleeping in-volunteer.  The head seems to emit the most light, so look directly at the center of the head.  Then focus with your peripheral vision upon the contour of the head.  Give yourself some time.  Squinting seems to help me see it.  Perhaps, because by squinting, I can block the inference from visible light.  When, it starts to appear, focus even harder (again, with the peripheral vision).

The more you practice the easier it becomes.  Perhaps it has something to do with the muscles which control the lense in our eyes, and perhaps those muscles need exercise.  I've notice that after I've gone a long time without looking at auras, it is harder for me to see an aura.

When you DO see one for the first time (and are aware that you are seeing one), you will be like, "Wow!  I see it!  There it is!"  The first time I saw one, I had no idea what I was looking at.  I'll tell you about it...

When I was young and still living at home, but too old to be spanked, my father used to take me into his den and lecture me for hours, when I'd done something wrong.  It was boring, but one didn't dare interrupt, and usually there was little or no two-way conversation.  So, I had to just sit there and listen.  I was looking directly at my father's eyes as he talked, but suddenly I switched to peripheral vision, unconsciously.  I saw a huge, bright aura around him.  It kind of danced (as one would say a fire dances), and I was quite intrigued, so I continued to look at the aura for several minutes.  After several minutes, my father stopped lecturing and said, "Don't look at me like that!"

I was not aware that I was giving any "look", but I stopped looking at his aura.  I didn't believe in auras at the time, and I thought it was just... actually I didn't know what it was, and many years would pass before I realized what it was.


So what's the connection between AURAS and MP???

Well, there may not be any connection at all, except both seem to either exist outside of the visible spectrum, or... I don't know.  The fact that I can actually "see" light at all amazes me.  I mean our visual aparatus (our eyes) sense red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, but can anyone actually say that he/she see the actual "waves of light" traveling through the air?  I'd say not many.  And yet, perhaps what I'm viewing is just a more "refined" light.

How many times have you been in the following situation:

SITUATION:  You would SWEAR (on your mother's grave) that you saw something moving out of the corner of your eye, and when you turned to look at it, it was gone.???  (Happens to me all the time)

I think we've all been there.  You know what I'm writing about, don't you?

If you noticed, in the instructions (above) on how to see an aura, I told you not to look directly at the aura, but look directly at the center of the person or thing exhibiting the aura, and focus with peripheral vision.

Could it be, then, that our peripheral vision is sensitive to a greater range of the electromagnetic spectrum?  I think not.

Why would I write, "not"???

Because after I get an aura in my periphal "sights", I can then move it into my direct line of sight, and I can still see it.  In fact, I see it more brightly than in the peripheral vision.

How can this be???

The Esoteric explanation:

Well, in my ex-religion, it was taught that there is a "veil" covering the "spirit world", and that the "spirit world" was/is all around us, but we cannot see it because of the "veil".  It was also taught that some people have the "veil" removed and see into the spirit world, but generally only when one's "heart is pure".  Hence the saying, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

I assumed (and I don't think I'm alone in this matter) that the so-called "veil" was/is in God's control, not mine!  However, I now see (understand) that it is in my own control, and that the so-called "veil" is in my own mind!  (or in my own brain).  And that brings up an interesting point...  What if our intelligences (i.e., those of our pre-existing souls) are "blinded" by this so-called veil?  Then, if we removed that veil, we would be able to remember our ante-mortal state, would we not?  Just food for thought.  (Sorry.  I digress).

The Scientific explanation:

Perhaps we can explain this phenomenon scientifically.  Let us suppose that our human brains have been hard-wired to "filter" out so-called "non-visible" light.  The problem would NOT be in our eyes, but rather in the brain's interpretation of the data collected by the eyes.  Our eyes, are nothing but sensory machines (data-collecting apartuses).  They do not discriminate between input.  Our brain is the machine which interprets the data received.

OR... perhaps, the "filter" is LEARNED!  Perhaps when we were young children, we could see more than we can as adults.  We would say, "Mommy" or "Daddy", "What's that?"  or "Look!"  Mommy and Daddy wouldn't see anything, and we would be told that there was nothing there.  Thus, our little developing brains would LEARN to filter out the things that "weren't there".  All that, of course, would happen subconsciously.  And, this would explain why many more children can see ghosts than adults can.

Back to the Esoteric... (I like the esoteric)

Believe it or not, the Hebrew religion, was quite an esoteric one, full of symbolism, metaphors, and double entendres.  One such symbolic double entendre is the temple of the ancient Hebrews.  I firmly believe that the temple built by the Hebrews represents a working model of the human mind (or very possibly the human brain; or both).  For, the Bible DOES say that the human body is a temple.  Jesus, I believe, made that clear.  Jesus said, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up."  John assures us that Jesus was speaking of his body, not the edifice.  Furthermore, Paul explains in his letter to the Corinthians:

"Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?"  1 Cor. 6:19

I'd like to address the idea of our bodies being temples for the Holy Ghost.  Since this page is about GHOSTS, wouldn't it seem appropriate to discuss the HOLY GHOST?  Paul teaches that our bodies house the HOLY GHOST!  Most Christians take this  literally, as the HOLY GHOST is in each and every human, except for those humans who've dismissed it by corrupting the temple (housing) thereof.  Well, perhaps we can gain some insight by learning about Hebrew temples and their purpose(s).

In the Hebrew temple, there was a veil, which blocked the "Holy of Holies".  The Holy of Holies was the housing for the arc of the covenant (the conduit through which God, Jehovah, communicated with man).  What if the human equivalent of the Holy of Holies is the pineal gland (the so-called "third eye", or "spiritual" eye)


I believe that there is a place in our brains unaccessable to us (at least adults).  It is so sacred that only the "pure in heart" can access it.  The only people I know of that are pure in heart, are children.  Jesus was quoted as saying:  "At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes."  Wow!  Amazing stuff.  Perhaps children have access to the "holy of holies", and we corrupted adults do not.

It is exciting to think that WE have the power to pull back the veil to the holy of holies, and that we ALL have access to it, if only we have the faith of a little child.  First we must believe that it is there.  Then, we must "knock".  By "knocking", I mean follow the steps I outlined above to seeing auras.  Perhaps our eyes are able to see a lot more than we are accustomed to seeing.  We have only to unlock the veil, and I've given you the key.  OR, I could be wrong.  Maybe the phrase, "see God" is a metaphor for "understand God".  Sometimes light seems to be equated with knowledge.


We adults, therefore, have become blinded to the things of the spirit.  We, seeing, do not see, and hearing, do not hear.  We are blinded by the precepts of men.  We walk in darkness.  And I echo the words of Paul to the Corinthians:

"In whom the god of this world [men?] hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel [good news] of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."  2 Cor. 4:4

Apparently, I have found a "back door" to the veil, and can "switch off" the "filter" in my brain, so that I may see a greater range of the electromagnetic spectrum.  Either that, or instead of seeing a greater range of the electromagnetic spectrum, my eyes are "fine tuned" to see the actual RAYS of light themselves.

The first step is to believe.

The second step is to try (via the peripheral vision).

The third step is to see.  


Halloween is the evening of October 31st, when all the spirits of the dead roam the Earth.

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Sleep Paralysis 


 Q:  What about Sleep Paralysis? ...and sightings or impressions associate therewith?

I have personally never experienced this phenomenon, but I know those who have.  My late wife (a Korean) claims to have experienced it on several occasions (as has her mother; seems to run in families, suggesting a genetic predisposition to such phenomenon).  In Korean, 'sleep paralysis' is called ga-ui, pronounced /kah-wee/.  After my wife passed away, I tried looking it up in the Korean-English lexicon, but only found the definition: "scissors".  It is therefore, my supposition that "scissors" is a metaphor or metonymy for the experience, and quite an appropriate one, I think.  According to my late wife and other Koreans that I've talked to, the experience is like being held captive, and one cannot move a single muscle.  One is fully conscious (which is the scary part), but cannot move.  It is like being held down, or clamped shut, as if one were a pair of scissors in the hands of some metaphysical being.  My late wife said she could hear voices at such times.  Others (not Koreans) have told me that they have had waking visions at such times.  Others have told me that they neither experience voices nor visions, but could sense an "evil" presence.

To me, it sounds very much like an epileptic seizure.  I am NOT convinced that they have any to do with the paranormal.  There are varying degrees of epilepsy and those who have epileptic seizures have reported having hallucinations that are so real, they they are often perceived as reality.

I'm no doctor, but I think that even people who DON't have epilepsy may experience seizures from time to time due to chemical imbalances in the body.  Three of the people who've experienced sleep paralysis, and whom I know personally, were on very limited diets.  One due to lack of money, one due to being a vegetarian, and one due to being "on a diet".  Therefore, it is the opinion of this author that they may have neglected their body's need for certian nutrients, which brought about the seizures.  Furthermore, it should be noted that my late wife was the one who was poor and neglected her diet prior to meeting me.  She never once experienced sleep paralysis while living with me.  I suspect, because I fed her well.  Nevertheless, she hated to sleep alone and also slept with the Bible nearby.


Halloween is the evening of October 31st, when all the spirits of the dead roam the Earth.

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Ouija Boards


Q: What about Ouija Boards?  Do they really work?
And, should we play with them?

The Name
means ????.  Nobody really knows.  Online Etymology Dictionary says this.  An article by Phil Edwards, suggests that the creators actually asked the board what it wanted to be called.  The board spelled out "O-U-I-J-A".  Then, they asked the board what the word meant, it spelled out "Good Luck."

The History
Ouija Boards were commonplace before the "Ouija Board" was "coined".  They were called "spirit boards" or "talking boards".  (Wikipedia)  Some humans decided to profit from the fad by mass producing a specific talking board.  The first "Ouija" board was invented around 1890 in the United States of America.  It was marketed as being Egyptian technology and that the word "Ouija" was the Egyptian word for "Good Luck".  There's no way to confirm that because the ancient Egyptian language is a dead language (and probably for a good reason).

I Played with a Ouija Board
I had an opportunity to use one once with a friend.  As my friend and I lay our hands on the planchette and began asking questions, the planchette was moved by some seemingly unseen force to certain locations on the board.  I was surprised, because I didn't believe it would really work.  My friend had acquired the board from who knows where and he was really interested in trying it out.  So, I went along with his request.  He seemed just as surprised as I was at the planchette being directed by some unseen force, but was he faking?  Was he trying to scare me?  All of the answers to our questions were either yes or no or actually spelled out sensible words.  I was freaked out, and I told him that I didn't want to play that game ever again.  And, he obliged.

As I look back now, I'm not convinced that it was anything more than our own "will" directing the planchette.  I did feel the marker being "pulled" in certain directions, but I'm not sure if that was because my friend was pulling it or what.  We both had our hands on the planchette.  The thing to do is do it by one's self, then you can be sure that no one else (mortal) is manipulating the marker.  But, I wouldn't recommend playing with spirit boards or talking boards EVER!

Why not?
Well, while the board itself is harmless, your intention to invite a spirit to communicate is dangerous.  You never know what kind of spirit might come through.  And, after you've invited the spirit or spirits to come into your home, they tend to linger (until you cast them out).  If you've already got a bothersome spirit in your home, and you need help, please consult "Leon's Exorcism Page" free of charge.  On my exorcism page, you can learn how to un-invite spirits.


Halloween is the evening of October 31st, when all the spirits of the dead roam the Earth.

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Mediums and Channelers

Q: What about Mediums and Channelers?  Aren't they all just fakes?

Mediums are said to be able to be the "medium" or "middle person" through which disembodied spirits may communicate with us mortal humans.  They do not let the spirits inhabit their bodies.  The only problem I have with mediums (i.e., the not-fake ones) is that there is no way to know if the spirit communicating is actually who it says it is.  It could be a Jinn or other demonic entity masquerading as the deceased.  The bottom line is that you never know what you are going to get, and you might get lies.

Channelers essentially "allow" the spirits to inhabit their body and speak to us.  I saw/listened to some on YouTube once, but I wasn't always convinced.  Those things can be faked, such as J.Z. Knight's "Ramtha" (fake, fake, fake!).  

I like Kryon, channeled by Lee Carroll.  So far, he hasn't been caught in a lie (at least to my knowledge).  And, I like his message.  It is a message of love.

I don't know where I stand on Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks.  So far, I haven't caught Abraham in any lies, but that doesn't mean that there hasn't been any.

There are 2 channels that seem very untrustworthy, but again the jury is out:  Daryl Anka (who channels "Bashar" of the Essassani) and Shaun Swansen (who channels "Ishuwa" of the Yahyel).  I like a lot of what they say, but I do NOT like that idea of aliens coming and taking our bodies and doing experiments on them without our permission.  Bashar says that we agreed to it in the spirit before being born on Earth, but there is no way to confirm that I don't think that it is true.


Halloween is the evening of October 31st, when all the spirits of the dead roam the Earth.

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