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Why Prep?
The Prepper's Pen

& Emergency Preparedness Continent

by Leon's Planet Dot Com

Please note


If you are prepared, you shall not fear.


Table of Contents

Knowing What's
Going to Happen.
Preparing for
Preparing for
Earth Changes
Like: Famines/Plagues
Preparing for
Financial issues
Spiritual Aspects
of all this






This is the...
"Knowing What's Going to Happen"

I have an entire page dedicated to prophecies from around the world about what's going to happen at the end of the age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.  So, I won't go into great detail here.  I'll just give you a kind of list of things to expect.
They are on the internet.  You can google them and/or find them on YouTube or Rumble.

(These are in no particular order.  If I had to guess; I'd say that they are all happening NOW!  It's just going to get worse, that's all.)
Prophet or Predictor
For further research
Coastal Flooding
There will be coastal flooding all around the world, but especially on the Western coast of the United States.
Major Ed Dames
           (remote viewer with map)
Lori Toye
           ("I am America" map)
Gordon Michael Scallion
           (Prophet--with map)
Mike from around the World
           (Gov't Insider with map)
and others (usually in dream/visions)
Major Ed Dames Website

Ed Dames Map

Gordon and Mike's Maps


Increased frequency and intensity of Earthquakes and Volcanism all around the World, especially really BIG ones on the New Madrid fault line and the San Andreas fault line.
- Major Ed Dames
- Mike from around the World
- and others (in dreams/visions)
- Bible
Revelation 16:8


Financial collapse
       (of the U.S. Dollar)
Major inflation.
Financial mayhem.
Loss of benefits.
Economic Depression.
Tons of people have been predicting this for some time now.  It will most-likely happen when OPEC decides to no longer sell oil in U.S.D.  (Source:  Prophecy Club) Just do your research on what would happen to the dollar if OPEC stopped selling oil in USD;
And, what will happen when BRICS stops using the USD as their reserve currency.
Grid Goes Down
Loss of "grid" power through natural disaster.  And, rolling black-outs due to climate extremes / excessive drain of the power system.
Even the U.S. gov't is predicting this.  Even states are predicting this.

Even dreams are predicting this.


Congressional Hearing

FEMA info on outages

Loss of "grid" power (and everything electronic) through EMP.  EMP = Electro-Magnetic Pulse.  There are two kinds of EMP...
(1)  a natural one from a powerful solar flare / coronal mass ejection (CME); and (2)  an unnatural one from a High-Altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse (HEMP) from a high-altitude nuclear detonation.  Both will happen.
- C.I.A.

- Major Ed Dames

- Mike from around the World

- and others (in dream/visions)

Just click on logo...and go

There will be international famine due to both natural and unnatural causes.
- Major Ed Dames
- Mike from Around the World
- and others (in dream visions)
- Prophecy Club
Prophecy Club


Plagues, disease, pestilence, and death will increase.
John the Revelator
(and modern-day dream/visions)
Corona and the Cure
Red Sun
There will be a second sun in the sky.  And it will be red.
Every single ancient culture has recorded this event (the last time it happened) and most say it is coming back!
Gordon Michael Scallion also prophesied this.  He was wrong on the timing, but it is happening now!
Just click on the red sun

There will be war on U.S. soil.
- Jesus
- John the Revelator
- Many modern-day dreams and visions.






This is the



#1 Delivery Method for
High-Altitude Nuclear Electro-Magnetic Pulse
Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP)
'knocks out' electronics.

Let me put it this way:  if you want to be able to drive your vehicles after a direct hit from lightning or an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack or a coronal mass ejection (CME), then you need EMP shield.    This headline was copied from the Washington Examiner on Tuesday, February 07, 2023.  The article is dated February 03, 2023.
Just click on the image to go to and read the article.


This article was posted February 5, 2023
Click on image below to read the article.

Fact Checked!

This is verified (by me).  The U.S. government's own website says that CIA has been aware of this threat at least since 2013.

Here's the link so you can check it out yourself.

Leon's Ad...


Just click on the logo to get $50-off.






This is the
and Prepping for Earth Changes


Yes, the western half of the U.S.A. is suffering unprecedented drought...

Yes!  There are unprecedented fires in the West and major flooding in the East....

...But, there are prophecies that say something even more disturbing will happen...

There are many maps made by many different people with various sources that all are saying approximately the same thing.  This is what America will look like in the future.

I do not wish to break copyright laws, so I made my own map, which approximates the others.  (Keep in mind that this is worst-case scenario.  It might not be quite so bad in reality.)

To see all the others, click here.

What could cause this?

A BIG meteor landing in the pacific ocean could possibly do it--at least some of it.  And, that will happen.  But, will it coincide with the earthquake on the New Madrid fault line?
A HUGE earthquake is supposed to happen along the New Madrid fault line, which is directly under the Mississippi River.  Major Ed Dames' remote viewing team remote viewed the next major earthquake in the continental U.S.A.  It will happen along the New Madrid fault line.  The Earth will split open.  Ocean water will flow into the Mississippi River and the Mississippi River will flow backwards all the way to the Great Lakes.  Will the meteor precipitate the earthquake?  We don't know.
As climate change increases (caused by the red sun), and as more and more of the polar ice caps melt, sea level is supposed to rise.  But, not that much!
5th-grade science tells us that when things heat up, they expand.  The Earth has expanded in the past.  Scientists (well, some scientists) tells us that if the Earth were smaller, all of the continents would fit together perfectly.  I agree.  It is called the 'Expanding Earth Theory'.  If it happened in the past (and I attest that it did), it could happen again.  Scientists (well, all of them) tell us that the Earth goes through cycles.  And, the Earth is heating up now!  Ever heard of 'Climate Change'?  It's real, but it ain't caused by no SUVs or farting cows.  It's caused by the sun.


Major Ed Dames and I

Major Ed Dames made a map, too!
  He doesn't care if people copy it, because he just wants to get the information out there to people, so that they can prepare.  Here is his map.

IF you have not yet found a relatively safe location...
Here's what you do...

Pray!!!!  Make a plan, and pray some more!
I believe in prayer.  I highly recommend you pray to your higher power, whoever or whatever that may be.  If you don't believe in prayer, skip this step.  But, I encourage you to pray for guidance and help from your Maker.  Your Maker can help you move if you need to move.  THERE'S STILL TIME!  (Well, if you are reading this, there is still time; but nobody knows how much time is left, except the Maker).


Here's How to Prep for Earth Changes


(0.5)  Get some water filters!

       Since our constitution is hanging by a thread and freedom of speech is no longer a real thing, even on my own dang website, I have to be very careful what I write here.  Suffice it to say that our drinking water may become tainted, and in some places around the world, I'm sure it is already.  PLEASE!  For your health and safety, and that of your loved ones, get yourself some water filters.  My son and I used to use WaterBasics water filters (by Aquamira).  Now we use Sawyer Minis.  We put them in our water bottles.  The aquamira ones can filter 100 gallons of dirty water.  The Sawyer ones (which you can get at Walmart, or on the Walmart app) can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water.  Imagine how many gallons of tap water they could filter!

       Beware:  charcoal filters can filter out harmful chemicals, but not bacteria/viruses.  Do your research on which filter is best for your needs.

(1)  Get EMP Shield!  And, get $50 off with promo code.

Get $50-off with Promo Code by clicking on the logo above.


An EMP is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse.  It can come from a nuclear blast or an solar flash-coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun.  You need to protect your automobiles.  One CME strong enough and your car will stop working because the CME will overload the circuits in the vehicle.  People have been having dreams of an event where all the cars on the road stop working suddenly.  They all coast to a stop and then won't start up again.  The people driving the cars are stuck, unable to get to their destinations.  They are worried about their families.  How will they get to them?  Their cell phones don't work either.

You don't want to be in that situation, do you?  You want to be able to get back to your family and you want them to be able to get back to you.  So, you need an EMP shield for all your vehicles.  Just click on the shield to learn how you can get $50 off on your purchase.

I just thought of this....  I got a whole bunch of spare fuses for my truck.
Then, I thought, what if the fuses that I just bought blow?  Russians did experiments with High-altitude Electro-Magnetic Pulse weapons (from a high-altitude nuclear weapon blast), and in their experiences, all fuses blew out.  So, I did research on how to build a Faraday cage.  I found that the best thing to do is build what's called a 'nested Faraday cage' for all your fuses and electronic equipment that you would like to protect.  I think it would be wise to get a bunch of spare fuses for your vehicles, and keep them in a home-made Faraday cage. (See below for more info).

(1.5)  Make your own Faraday Cage

There are a plethora of videos on YouTube that will teach you how to make your own faraday cage to protect your electronics in case of a Nuclear-bomb-caused EMP or a Solar-flash-caused EMP.  That's how I learned, and I made two Faraday cages for my electronics, including my solar-powered electric generator.  For added protection, make 'Nested Faraday cages'.

Obviously, the heavier the metal, the better the Faraday cage will be.  Most people just use aluminum foil for the first layer, and a metal garbage can for the second layer.  All metal layers must be separated by insulation (non-conducting material).  Personally, I think that the Ark of the Covenant was a Faraday cage, but who has gold that they can melt down and 'paint' onto the outside of the cage?  I certainly don't.  So, my home-made Faraday cages may not be the best, but they are better than nothing.

(2)  Find like-minded people and form a survival group.
I've yet to find like-minded people in my area.  Most people don't believe this "crap," so they aren't interested.  However, if you are luckier than I, you will be able to form a neighborhood-watch-type group in your community for the purpose of surviving the apocalypse (or any natural disaster that might befall your community).

(3)  Have a get-away plan.
First of all,
have a designated meeting place for all who will be going with you.  Then, have a get-away plan.  Plan routes (and alternate routes), have extra gasoline stored, maybe put your 'bug-out' bag(s) in the trunk or in your truck.  (Personally, I have like five bug-out bags.)  Keep in mind, that your 'bug-out' place will need to be near a viable water source in order to survive.  [Note:  if you can combine #2(like-minded people) and #3(bug-out place), that would be optimal.]

(4)  Get a 'bug-out' bag (or two) packed and have it/them ready to go in case of an emergency.  Contents as follows:

            -  A small water filter.  (Clean, potable water will be your first priority).
          -  Some survival books.
          -  Books about about edible plants (in your area) with color pictures and how to use those plants.
          -  A pocket knife or multi-tool (I've got both).
          -  A way to make fire;  a lighter, flint and steel, a magnifying glass, matches (I've got all.)
          -  Cooking gear.
          -  Camping gear (sleeping bags, tents, etc.)
          -  Extra clothing (especially winter clothing).
          -  Dry food.
          -  Protection / Hunting / Trapping equipment.
          -  Medical supplies:  sunscreen, insect repellant, medications, herbal remedies, etc.

(5)  Start storing food.  Anything dry will last forever (as long as you can keep it dry).  Some ideas:

          -  rice and/or wheat (in a water-tight container)
          -  dried fruit
          -  cereal
          -  canned goods
          -  As for water;  get a filter! (your main concern will be potable water).

(6)  Pray for help and guidance!  (Unless you are an atheist, in which case, get away from the COAST and build a bunker and store it with all kinds of food storage).






This is the
$uper Financial $ection

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a licensed fiduciary or financial advisor.  Therefore, I'm not allowed to give financial advice.  However, I am allowed to tell you what I'm doing.

I'm buying as much precious metals as I can afford, because although they won't make me a profit, they are a huge hedge against inflation.

...and this section is a work in progress.
Please come back in a week and see what progress I've made in this department






This is the 

Death is a door. Rapture is Real! Inherit the Earth.
Many people will die in these troublesome times; but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
If you're a good person,
you get to go home (i.e., your home).

In the spiritual realm, there are many "mansions".  You will go to your mansion.  Learn more about the afterlife on Leon's NDE page.

For all you Christians out there...
The Rapture is REAL!
But, it means you died in a mass die-off.
Which isn't a bad thing.
You get to be with Jesus.
Just be warned;
it's NOT a pre-trib rapture.
Learn more about the rapture from a Biblical perspective (for instance, did you know that the word "rapture" never appears in the Bible?)
Some people will survive, but only if they are "chosen".  The meek will inherit the Earth.  Are you one of the chosen?
If you don't want to be one of the chosen, well, just keep on keeping on.  But, if you do, I'd pray about it.  Get yourself to a safe location!

Learn about where the Safe Zones are!








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